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28.05.2016 Sharing on Home-School Co-operation : How to help children grow up healthily and happily CHSC
23.05.2016 Parent Programme on Roles of father and mother on nurturing and educating children (2): Imbalance on “Substituted parent system” CHSC
07.05.2015 Sharing on Home-School Co-operation
Helping Children of Kindergarten Age Grow Up Healthily and Happily
03.05.2013 Parent Education China Holiness Church Living Spirit College, Tai Po Old Market Public School & Tai Po District Federation of Parent-Teacher Association, Tai Po District
22.02.2013 Maths Education & Parental Involvement Colleges
19.11.2012 Appreciation Education CHSC
13.11.2012 Seminars on Healthy Schools - Series 3 CHSC
27.10.2012 2 Parent Talks Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
11.02.2012 Parent Program CHSC
11.11.2011 Healthy Campus Series CHSC
05.11.2011 Ladder of success by your parents to build - Success parents series 1 CHSC
01.11.2011 Program on Successful Parents CHSC
31.10.2011 Parent Program CHSC
31.10.2011 Parent Program CHSC
28.01.2011 Parent program CHSC
12.01.2011 parenting seminar CHSC
24.11.2010 Parent and Student Program CHSC
19.10.2010 Parent education CHSC