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EDB, CHSC and RTHK5 co-produced a Chinese weekly educational radio programme called 'Educated Families' (家家有教) to promote Home-school Cooperation between 2004 and 2012. Educational issues and policies etc. were discussed and analysed at the Programme. Detail
Date Item
03.08.2023   Secondary School Education Programme
19.07.2023   Parent Talk on Caring Students' Mental Health and Psychological Well-being
23.07.2012   Yi Jin Diploma programme
17.05.2012   The Launch of Yi Jin Diploma programme in the 2012/13 school year
02.05.2012   Seminar
17.09.2010   Applied Learning
06.04.2010   Cultivating Teenagers' Manner and Attitude Through Learning Cooking in CCTI
30.03.2010   Workshops and Swanning Around Dance Training
23.03.2010   Let the Child Learn to Fly
18.03.2010   Beat Drug Master
16.03.2010   Famelab
09.03.2010   Program on Children Chiropractic
02.03.2010   Music for Children's Fun
23.02.2010   Beat Drug Master
16.02.2010   Teaching and Learning of Liberal Studies
09.02.2010   Say No to Immoral Love
02.02.2010   Children's Financial Strategy
26.01.2010   Fresh Express
19.01.2010   Creative Commons
12.01.2010   Activities in Hong Chi Association