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C.C.C. Kei Wan Primary School (Aldrich Bay)
Eastern   POA : 16 
Address: 39 Oi Shun Road, Shaukeiwan, Hong Kong
Phone:   29154140    Email:
Fax:   25390988    Website:
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School Information School Information
Supervisor/ Chairman of Management Committee : Prof. Wong Shing Wing
School Head : Ms. Wong Ching Man
Has the Incorporated Management Committee been established? : Yes
School Type : Aided
Whole Day
Student Gender : Co-ed
Sponsoring Body : The Hong Kong Council of The Church of Christ In China
Religion : Protestantism / Christianity
Year of Commencement of Operation : 1970
School Motto : Be self-disciplined through learning and understanding the Christ Principles.
School Size : About 5100 Sq. M
Through-train Secondary School : -
Feeder Secondary School : -
Nominated Secondary School : -
Medium of Instruction : Chinese(incl.: Putonghua) and English
School Bus Service : School Bus
Parent-Teacher Association : Yes
Old Students' Association/ School Alumni Association : Yes
2018/2019 Annual School Charges 2018/2019 Annual School Charges
School Fee : -
Tong Fai :


PTA Fee : $50
Approved Charges for Non-standard Items : Air-conditioning, additional Putonghua and Native English teachers, non-standard items. Total: $1,050 (Annually)
Other Charges : -
School Facilities School Facilities
Number of Classroom : 24
Number of School Hall : 2
Number of Playground : 3
Number of Library : 1
Special Rooms : Computer rooms, English room, Music rooms, Visual Arts room, General Studies room, Dancing room.
Facility Support for Students with Special Educational Needs : Ramp, Accessible lift, Accessible toilet, Tactile guide path, Accessible public information / service counter and Visual fire alarm system.
Others : WiFi and about 60 tablets provided for e-learning. Well-equipped classroom with a computer, a visualizer, overhead projector.
Teaching Staff Information (Including School Head) in the 2017/18 school year Teaching Staff Information (Including School Head) in the 2017/18 school year
Number of teachers in the approved establishment : 46.0
Total number of teachers in the school : 50
Qualifications and professional training (%)
Teacher Certificate / Diploma in Education : 100%
Bachelor Degree : 94%
Master/ Doctorate Degree or above : 37%
Special Education Training : 15%
Work Experience (%)
0 - 4 years : 28%
5 - 9 years : 10%
10 years or above : 62%
Class Structure Class Structure
2017/18 School Year
P1 Number of classes : 4
P2 Number of classes : 4
P3 Number of classes : 4
P4 Number of classes : 4
P5 Number of classes : 4
P6 Number of classes : 4
Total : 24
2018/19 School Year (Based on the approval of EDB in 2018)
P1 Number of classes : 4
P2 Number of classes : 4
P3 Number of classes : 4
P4 Number of classes : 4
P5 Number of classes : 4
P6 Number of classes : 4
Total : 24
Mode of teaching at different levels
We divide four classes into five groups from Primary 1 to Primary 4 to Chinese and English language according the student's abilities.
Performance Assessment Performance Assessment
Number of Test per year : 1
Number of Exam per year : 3
Streaming arrangement : We allocate students in different classes with reference to their academic results.
Diversified Assessment for Learning : We provide our students of different abilities with different modes of assessment for learning, including both formative assessments and graded summative assessments. We have offered our students opportunities to apply their generic skills through Project.
School Life School Life
Number of School Days per week : 5
Number of periods per day : 8
Duration of each normal period : 35
School starts at : 07:40 AM
School ends at : 02:35 PM
Lunch time : 12:05 - 12:55
Lunch arrangement : Provided by designated supplier and Prepared by parents.
Healthy school life : Food monitoring program by PTA.
Remarks : We provide our students with different learning experience through a wide range of activities and curriculum planning.
Life-wide Learning Activities Life-wide Learning Activities
We emphasize the development of Music education. There are choirs and instrumental groups. Besides, we have progressively diversified other school activities. There are religious, IT and library activities, trilingual verse speaking (English, Cantonese and Putonghua), environmental protection, drama, uniform squads and different kinds of PE activities, etc.
School Mission School Mission
We encourage our students to achieve clear goals which give meaning to their life; instill in them a love for learning; a culture of excellence in music, proper moral values and conduct, critical and analytical skills; and make them become responsible citizens and effective leaders in our ever-changing society with a truly Christian spirit.
School Characteristics School Characteristics
School Management
School Management Organisation : Our school was established by The Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China and is operated in accordance with the Ordinance and supervision of IMC. For further details, please refer to our school website.
Incorporated Management Committee / School Management Committee/ Management Committee : Our IMC was established in 2006 and composed of 15 members, including the Sponsoring Body Managers, the principal, clergymen, independent professionals, Alumni members, teacher representatives and parent representatives in order to collect various opinions from stakeholders and people with different expertise and experience with the view of promoting sustainable development of the school.
School Green Policy : Our school is very focused on environmental education, the establishment of "Green House" and "Green countryside" for the long-term environmental education.
School's Major Concerns : We together strive to achieve our best in nurturing pupils' sincere and earnest characters, helping them establish positive values and form meaningful life goals. We are dedicated to delivering quality education by providing our students with many opportunities to realize their artistic, creative and intellectual potentials through music education, equipping them with abundant knowledge and developing their critical thinking and analytical abilities with the aim of raising our children to be good and committed citizens to benefit our society.
Learning and Teaching Plan
Learning & Teaching Strategies : Every day before the morning assembly, our students have leisure reading time and lessons with their class teachers. After school, we organize a variety of activities for our students. Every Friday, our students leave at 2:00 p.m., thus they can have more time for self-development and extension of individual potential.
Development of Key Tasks : We nurture in our students "Patriotism" through the implementation of cross-curricular learning. Every week our students have computer lessons, personal development lessons, reading workshops, mini project or task-based learning in different subjects. In addition, we offer our students an exchange visit to UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore and Shanghai for learning and sharing.
Development of Generic Skills : Develop our students' generic skills through teaching and learning.
Student Support
Whole School Approach to Cater for Student Diversity : We cater for student diversity through intervention and enrichment programmes in different subjects. We have established teams to support individuals. We offer high quality and challenging programmes to gifted children. Learning at the Academy takes various forms: courses, talks, workshops, online learning, study tours and competitions etc. They are available at different levels to facilitate the progressive learning.
Whole School Approach to Integrated Education : Our school has implemented the New Funding Mode and we promote a whole school approach. To support students with different learning needs, a variety of school-based support services are provided, such as early identification and intervention scheme, and multi-support programmes are implemented.
Education Support for Non-Chinese Speaking Students :


Curriculum Tailoring and Adaptation : The curriculum of each subject is designed accordingly and it is flexibly tailored according to students' needs so as to cater for students' diversity.
Home-school Co-operation and School Ethos
Home-School Co-operation : Develop the interpersonal relationship with parents through different activities.
School Ethos : Following the mission of The Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China "Mission and Service through Education", we offer our students opportunities to know about "Christian Justice and Love". We have implemented the school-based counselling scheme and made good use of parents and community resources to empower our students to meet the challenges in life and to contribute to society.
Future Development
School Development Plan : 1. To develop students' self-directed learning skills in order to enhance the effectiveness of learning and teaching;
2. To strengthen students' self management skills and enhance their social development in order to maintain a harmonious school life;
3. To promote our believes in music through sharing the music with other to contribute to the community.
Teacher Professional Training & Development : "Staff Development Team" is responsible for the teacher professional training and development.
Fee Remission Scheme : Not Applicable.
Our school has been organising different exchange programmes since 2001. We have been to different countries such as Canada, Poland, Australia, England, Germany, mainland China, Korea, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan to have academic exchange programmes and to participate in different music contests.
School Map School Map
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