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Tung Tak School
Yuen Long   POA : 74 
Address: Shing Mun San Tsuen, Kam Tin, Yuen Long, N.T.
Phone:   24761101    Email:
Fax:   24747045    Website:
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School Information School Information
Supervisor/ Chairman of Management Committee : Mr. Cheng Shu Ming JP.
School Head : Mr. Wong Wai Lap
Incorporated Management Committee been established? : Established
School Type : Aided
Whole Day
Student Gender : Co-ed
Sponsoring Body : Tung Tak School
Religion : Not Applicable
Year of Commencement of Operation : 1954
School Motto : Loyalty, Love, Diligence and Thrift
School Size : About 3000 Sq. M
Through-train Secondary School : -
Feeder Secondary School : -
Nominated Secondary School : -
Medium of Instruction : Chinese
School Bus Service : School Bus
Parent-Teacher Association : Yes
Old Students' Association/ School Alumni Association : Yes
2020/2021 Annual School Charges 2020/2021 Annual School Charges
School Fee : -
Tong Fai :


PTA Fee : $50
Approved Charges for Non-standard Items : $300
Other Charges : -
School Facilities School Facilities
Number of Classroom(s) : 6
Number of School Hall(s) : 0
Number of Playground(s) : 1
Number of Library(ies) : 1
Special Rooms : 5 in total (A computer room, an English room, a counselling room , a multi-purpose room and a bus library.)
Facility(ies) for Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs : -
Others : A traditional Chinese quadrangle with a large and beautiful garden makes a good place to study.
Teaching Staff Information (Including School Head) in the 2019/2020 school year Teaching Staff Information (Including School Head) in the 2019/2020 school year
Number of teaching posts in the approved establishment : 16
Total number of teachers in the school : 20
Qualifications and professional training (%)
Teacher Certificate / Diploma in Education : 100%
Bachelor Degree : 100%
Master/ Doctorate Degree or above : 30%
Special Education Training : 75%
Years of Experience (%)
0 - 4 years : 20%
5 - 9 years : 40%
10 years or above : 40%
Class Structure Class Structure
2018/19 School Year
P1 Number of classes : 1
P2 Number of classes : 1
P3 Number of classes : 1
P4 Number of classes : 1
P5 Number of classes : 1
P6 Number of classes : 1
Total : 6
2020/21 School Year (Based on the approval of EDB in 2020)
P1 Number of classes : 1
P2 Number of classes : 1
P3 Number of classes : 1
P4 Number of classes : 1
P5 Number of classes : 1
P6 Number of classes : 1
Total : 6
Mode of teaching at different levels
Inspired by Finnish education, advocating self-directed learning. We specially designed "forest courses" to help students develop problem-solving skills in the nature. With only one class in each grade, students are encouraged to actively participate in classroom and interact with others in small groups. Remedial after-school support classes are provided to cater for learning needs.
Performance Assessment Performance Assessment
Number of test(s) per year : 0
Number of exam(s) per year : 3
Streaming arrangement : We offer tailor-made Chinese lessons for non-Chinese speaking students and English lessons for new immigrants. Students are grouped across grades according to their language level.
Diversified Assessment for Learning : There are three exams throughout every academic year. Performance in the major subjects is assessed through progressive evaluation. We also conduct classroom observation, questionnaire analysis as well as practical assessment and project learning activities to enhance the learning effectiveness.
School Life School Life
Number of School Days per week : 5
Number of periods per day : 10
Duration of each normal period : 35
School starts at : 8:00 AM
School ends at : 3:05 PM
Lunch time : 12:50 - 13:50
Lunch arrangement : Provided by designated supplier and Prepared by parents.
Healthy school life : We work with the Parent-Teacher Association to make sure the lunch boxes are nutritionally balanced. We participate in the 'Healthy School Programme'. Students do morning exercises and are encouraged to work out every day. We offer various kinds of sports training such as handball, rugby, Chinese martial arts etc. Mindfulness sessions are provided for improving mental health of the students.
Remarks : 1. The relationship between teachers and students is harmonious. Teachers not only attend to students' physical condition but also look after their mental health. 2. Under the 'Angel Teacher Scheme', each teacher takes care of several students and develop a friendship with the group, making each child feel loved and free to share feelings. 3. Comfortable ambience of the school let students grow and learn happily.
Life-wide Learning Life-wide Learning
1. Extra-curricular activities include drawing class, Lion-dancing class, Hand-chime class, Chinese dancing class, craft-making class, magic class, STEM activities, rugby and basketball. 2. After-school activities include cub scouts, basketball, athletic training, joyful fellowship, CYC. 3. Saturday classes include advanced drawing, marching band, HIP-HOP dancing class, creative comic class, rugby and basketball.
School Mission School Mission
We adhere to a rigorous attitude towards running schools and strive to nourish students. We are rated highly for its purity and simplicity. In addition to teaching students knowledge, we pay more attention to the cultivation of moral character. With the school discipline of "Loyalty, Love, Diligence and Thrift", we hope that students develop the right values and contribute to the society in the future.
School Characteristics School Characteristics
School Management
School Management Organisation : Under the leadership of the principal, the school administration framework is divided into four departments: school-based management, learning and teaching, school ethos and student support and extra-curricular activities. Each one is led by a head of the department.
Incorporated Management Committee / School Management Committee/ Management Committee : The Incorporated Management Committee of Tung Tak School was established in September 2008.
School Green Policy : 1. We use air-conditioners with Grade 1 Energy Label and compact fluorescent lamps. 2. We hold two-week long environmental protection activities every school term to raise students' awareness. 3. We formulate various "green" guidelines, such as saving electricity, paper and water; sorting waste, recycling old school uniforms and books.
School's Major Concerns : Our school advocates happy learning. The afternoon lessons focus on helping students develop their strengths through interesting courses, games and creative activities, including forest education, fashion design classes, life planning programmes, ukulele classes and phonic classes etc.
Learning and Teaching Plan
Learning & Teaching Strategies : A student-centered approach is adopted to cater for individual differences. We focus on developing quality lessons and school-based curriculum. Students learn skills-based. Teachers equip students with the capabilities of higher-order thinking to help them build knowledge. All core subjects are arranged in double lessons to enhance learning effectiveness. School assemblies, morning reading and sports training are arranged during the morning sessions before lessons. Remedial classes and various kinds of training are conducted after school. To complement the school-based curriculum, we promote comprehensive learning and cross-subject projects to enrich students' learning experience. P.1 to P.6 run PLP-R/W and KIP programs to boost students' reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Overseas study tours are arranged for students to broaden their horizons.
Development of Key Tasks : 1. Moral and civic education are implemented through school-based counselling activities, morning assemblies, personal growth lessons and regular lessons. Morality and civic responsibility are cultivated. 2. We utilize both the English and Chinese reading programmes to help students improve their reading skills. Related activities include reading award scheme, e-reading, morning reading sessions and book sharing. 3. We encourage our students to make appropriate use the IT tools and e-platforms to enhance their learning. Additionally, teachers incorporate iPad usage into lessons, particularly for research purposes.
4. We design cross-subject project which connects and segregates knowledge and skills. It also broadens students' learning experience outside classroom.
Development of Generic Skills : Through designing quality classes and activities such as P.1 to P.6 project learning weeks, technological development day, outdoor learning day, school culture days, service days and multiple intelligence programmes etc., students' life-wide skills are developed. We also adopt activity approcach and utilize information technology to cultivate students' problem-solving, collaborative and higher-order thinking skills.
Promotion of Positive Values and Attitudes : We design weekly life education programmes to help students build positive mindset, values and attitudes (including empathy, gratitude, perseverance, courage etc.) through fun activities. Positive education is gradually integrated into regular classes and subject activities. "Sending songs of appreciation" and "Tung Tak Sing-Along" activities create a positive atmosphere with music during lunch break.
Student Support
Whole School Approach to Catering for Learner Diversity : 1. We utilize Early Identification and Intervention Programme for screening P.1 students with learning needs. 2. Summer adaption activities are arranged to help students transit smoothly from kindergarten to Primary one. 3. Worksheets with different levels are designed and remedial classes are offered to students in need. 4. We arrange after-school homework classes, remedial classes of the main subjects and learning tutorials for students.
Whole School Approach to Integrated Education : 1. We deign tailor-made curriculum and assessments for students with professional reports of Special Educational Needs (SEN). 2. Besides written assessments, we make use of differentiated assessments. 3. School-based educational psychological service is offered. 4. School-based speech therapy service is offerd. 5. We set up groups to enhance students' social skill and boost their concentration and literacy.
Education Support for Non-Chinese Speaking(NCS) Students : Our school provides additional support for NCS students to facilitate their learning of Chinese: providing after-school support programmes in learning Chinese; arranging intensive Chinese learning and teaching mode(s), e.g. pull-out learning if necessary, split-class/group learning, etc; and organising cultural integration activities. Cross-levelled Chinese lessons are arranged to cater for the learning need of Non-Chinese Speaking students.
Curriculum Tailoring and Adaptation : 1. We promote high quality learning and teaching by conducting the Integrated 'Read & Write' programme in P.1-P.3 Chinese lessons, the Primary Literacy Program for Reading and Writing (PLP-R/W) in P.1-P.3 and the Key Stage 2 Integration Programme (KIP) in P.4-P.6.
2. Saturday Chinese remedial classes are provided to the Non-Chinese Speaking students.
Home-school Co-operation and School Ethos
Home-School Co-operation : We aim to achieve cooperation between the school and parents, therefore activities involving parents are held on a regular basis. Opinion of parents is collected. School is monitored by the Parent Manager who can give advice to the teachers. Catering services are reviewed as well. Personal growth problems of students can be solved by parents in collaboration with the teachers.
School Ethos : Our school is rated highly for its purity and simplicity. We implement school-based counseling programme, aiming to nurture our students to be a positive thinker with good characters. With the spirit of "Be empathetic be caring; Dare to dream dare to innovate", we cultivate empathy and gratitude. Teachers and parents are boned well. We collaborate with parents to improve the teaching approaches and hold events to create harmony.
Future Development
School Development Plan : 1. We strive to promote "positive education" and develop teamwork among teachers, aiming to strengthen students' self-knowledge and cultivate empathy and gratitude. 2. We design various learning activities to cater for students' learning needs. 2.1 With "mobile learning", teachers' knowledge and abilities in designing activities are enhanced. Teaching strategies are improved, therefore the learning atmosphere is stimulated. Students are motivated to explore by themselves. 2.2 We improve quality of the learning activities continuously, so that students can apply knowledge in different fields. Middle and high grade students are able to solve problems by applying the knowledge. 2.3 We try to promote interdisciplinary reading, broaden students' reading range and arouse their interest in reading. 2.4 Gifted course is refined, aiming to cultivate multiple intelligence of gifted students.
Teacher Professional Training & Development : We focus on enhancing teachers' identification of students with learning needs and refining teaching skills to cater for individual learning differences.
Others : Our Recent Achievements: 1. A grade award in the 56th Hong Kong School Dance Festival Chinese Dance (Upper Primary); 2. Gold Award in 2019 Yuen Long District School Dancing competition; 3. First of solo verse speaking (aged 8 or below) in English, First runner up of P.6 solo verse speaking in English, second runner up of P.1 solo verse speaking in English and the second runner up of P.3 solo verse speaking in Cantonese of the 71st Hong Kong School Speech Festival; 4. Second runner up in HK Inter-School Dragon & Lion Dance Championship 2019; 5. Champion in knotting competition and Overall Merit award in the Cub Scout activities; 6. Study tour in Beijing.
School Map School Map
  • Our school campus
    Our school campus
  • Students' school life
    Students' school life
  • Students' school life
    Students' school life
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