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Buddhist Wing Yan School
Yuen Long   POA : 74 
Address: 6 Fung Yau Street South, Yuen Long, N.T.
Phone:   24750433    Email:
Fax:   24746497    Website:
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School Information School Information
Supervisor/ Chairman of Management Committee : Mr. Lee Ka Cheung
School Head : Mr. To Kar Hing Eystein
Incorporated Management Committee been established? : Established
School Type : Aided
Whole Day
Student Gender : Co-ed
Sponsoring Body : The Hong Kong
Buddhist Association
Religion : Buddhism
Year of Commencement of Operation : 1989
School Motto : Please refer to the Chinese version.
School Size : About 5400 Sq. M
Through-train Secondary School : -
Feeder Secondary School : -
Nominated Secondary School : -
Medium of Instruction : Chinese
School Bus Service : Nanny van
Parent-Teacher Association : Yes
Old Students' Association/ School Alumni Association : Yes
2020/2021 Annual School Charges 2020/2021 Annual School Charges
School Fee : -
Tong Fai :


PTA Fee : $40
Approved Charges for Non-standard Items : $300
Other Charges : -
School Facilities School Facilities
Number of Classroom(s) : 27
Number of School Hall(s) : 1
Number of Playground(s) : 2
Number of Library(ies) : 1
Special Rooms : 16 (STEM Room, Multi-media Learning Centre, Activity Room, Aeronautic Centre, School Campus TV, Distance Learning Classroom, English Reading Room, Music Art Room, etc)
Facility(ies) for Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs : Ramp, Accessible lift and Accessible toilet.
Others : Road Safety Town, General Science Lab, Observatory, Green Classroom, Gifted Education Centre, STREAMER Bus etc.
Teaching Staff Information (Including School Head) in the 2019/2020 school year Teaching Staff Information (Including School Head) in the 2019/2020 school year
Number of teaching posts in the approved establishment : 53
Total number of teachers in the school : 53
Qualifications and professional training (%)
Teacher Certificate / Diploma in Education : 100%
Bachelor Degree : 94%
Master/ Doctorate Degree or above : 46%
Special Education Training : 41%
Years of Experience (%)
0 - 4 years : 8%
5 - 9 years : 8%
10 years or above : 84%
Class Structure Class Structure
2018/19 School Year
P1 Number of classes : 4
P2 Number of classes : 4
P3 Number of classes : 4
P4 Number of classes : 6
P5 Number of classes : 5
P6 Number of classes : 4
Total : 27
2020/21 School Year (Based on the approval of EDB in 2020)
P1 Number of classes : 4
P2 Number of classes : 4
P3 Number of classes : 4
P4 Number of classes : 4
P5 Number of classes : 6
P6 Number of classes : 5
Total : 27
Mode of teaching at different levels
1. Remedial classes for P.2 - P.6 students in Chinese, English and Maths.
2. Gifted education programmes for P.4 - P.6.
Please refer to our school website.
Performance Assessment Performance Assessment
Number of test(s) per year : 0
Number of exam(s) per year : 4
Streaming arrangement : According to annual academic results.
Diversified Assessment for Learning : Formative assessment, examinations, project learning, classroom observation, homework, etc.
School Life School Life
Number of School Days per week : 5
Number of periods per day : 9
Duration of each normal period : 35
School starts at : 8:15 AM
School ends at : 3:20 PM
Lunch time : 12:40 - 13:35
Lunch arrangement : Provided by designated supplier and Prepared by parents.
Healthy school life : Promotion of a balanced diet, participation in healthy eating promotional projects, such as '' campaign, Healthy School Activity, Fruit Day, Vegetarian Day.
Remarks : 1. Promoting multiple intelligence activities to establish our students' potential for whole person development.
2. Implementing "Individual Responsibility Scheme" to give each child a sense of contribution to the class.
Life-wide Learning Life-wide Learning
Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Athletics, Gymnastics, Taekwondo, Swimming, Drumming, Chinese Dancing, Latin Dancing, Choir, Drama, Computer Club, Chess Club, Arts Club, Class Cambridge English Course, Gardening, Mathematics Olympiad, Astronomy Club, Robotics Club, Red Cross, Road Safety Patrol, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Flag-raising Squad, Community Services Group, Service Club, Junior Police Call, Community Youth Club, etc.
School Mission School Mission
To strive to provide an enriching and positive learning environment for students to learn with pleasure and to nurture students' virtues through various courses and activities.
School Characteristics School Characteristics
School Management
School Management Organisation : Buddhist Association School Managing Authority, School Managerial Board, School Development Board, School Improvement Board, Multi-functional School Administration Team.
Incorporated Management Committee / School Management Committee/ Management Committee : Established in November 2008.
School Green Policy : Green School Project, Green Classroom Scheme, Environmental Ambassadors, Recycling Scheme, Earth Day, Energy Saving Policy, etc.
School's Major Concerns : 1. Refining school-based curriculum in order to enhance learning effectiveness.
2. Promoting positive education in order to create a happy learning atmosphere.
Learning and Teaching Plan
Learning & Teaching Strategies : Our school provides homework tutorial lessons after school and multiple intelligence courses. We also cater for whole-person development by providing opportunities for students to take part in activities that offer authentic situations for children to develop their interests and potential in many different life skills. We enhance students' language abilities through cross-curricular activities.
Development of Key Tasks : 1. Multi-dimensional reading and award schemes, 'Make-a-Book Competition', silent reading sessions.
2. Develop IT teaching resources for every subject, "Wing Yan Student Astronomer Project" and English multi-learning platform; set up Campus TV to help students learn the techniques for video production; one of the two pioneer schools of "CoolThink@JC project" in Yuen Long District.
3. Develop students' generic skills through project learning from P.1 to P.6.
4. Organising monthly moral and civic education activities, promote personal development education, life education, environmental education and sex education.
Development of Generic Skills : To develop generic skills in students, we have classroom activities, project learning, Pull-out gifted programme of education.
Promotion of Positive Values and Attitudes : To promote positive education in order to create a joyful learning atmosphere to help students build a flourishing life through enriching their opportunities of participating in variety of activities, like, Inter-class Class Logo Design Competition, Character Star of the Month, Super Kid Scheme, Life Game and Workplace Experience, Interpersonal Relationship Talks, Pupil Ambassador Scheme on Positive Living, Parent-Child Relationship Training Camp, etc.
Student Support
Whole School Approach to Catering for Learner Diversity : 1. Students take part in various gifted education programmes.
2. Remedial classes.
3. Whole School Approach is adopted to cater for students with special needs.
Whole School Approach to Integrated Education : By using Enhanced Speech Therapy allowance and other additional resources, counselling groups, speech therapy services and specific measures are provided by our school to support students with SEN.
Education Support for Non-Chinese Speaking(NCS) Students : Our school provides additional support for NCS students to facilitate their learning of Chinese: providing after-school support programmes in learning Chinese; appointing additional teacher(s)/teaching assistant(s) to support NCS students' learning of Chinese; arranging intensive Chinese learning and teaching mode(s), e.g. pull-out learning if necessary, split-class/group learning, etc.; developing school-based Chinese Language curriculum and/or adapting learning and teaching materials; and organising cultural integration activities.
Curriculum Tailoring and Adaptation : Differentiated in-class assignments, varied extra programmes catering for learner diversity, differentiated Curriculum in Maths.
Home-school Co-operation and School Ethos
Home-School Co-operation : Our school organizes different kinds of activities for parents, regular meetings, seminars and activities promoting family relationships through PTA. Our school has a "PTA Resource Centre".
School Ethos : 1. Discipline committee and counselling team work collaboratively to provide a caring environment for students.
2. Our school runs competitions for politeness, classroom cleanliness and good behaviour.
3. Our school encourages students to serve the community, such as visiting the elderly, cleaning campaign in local area and raising money for charity.
4. Implementing the Buddy Scheme to help new P.1 and P.2 students to adapt to primary school life.
Future Development
School Development Plan : 1. Refining school-based curriculum in order to enhance learning effectiveness.
2. Promoting positive education in order to create a happy learning atmosphere.
Teacher Professional Training & Development : Arrange teachers to attend courses and seminars run by EDB and Buddhist Association.
Others : 1. A variety of scholarships is provided for outstanding achievements in academics, conduct and extra-curricular activities.
2. Cultural exchange activities in China, Singapore,Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, community functions and visits to other schools enable our students to broaden their knowledge outside the school.
3. Won "Caring School" Awards for 6 consecutive years.
4. Won "Green School" Awards for 5 consecutive years.
5. Won "Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence"Awards for 4 consecutive years.
6. Silver award in "Food for Good @ Campus".
7. "Heart to Heart School" as named by HKFYG.
8. "Child-friendly School" as named by UNICEF.
9. "Quality Assessment Management Accreditation Scheme" as named by HKEAA.
10. Continuously won "Active School Prizes" in Sport Act Award Scheme in the past 10 years.
School Map School Map
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