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Tin Shui Wai Methodist Primary School
Yuen Long   POA : 72 
Address: Phase 1 Area 31, Tin Shui Wai, N.T.
Phone:   24480373    Email:   email@campus.tswmps.edu.hk
Fax:   24480877    Website:   http://www.tswmps.edu.hk
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School Information School Information
Supervisor/ Chairman of Management Committee : Mr. Wong Yuk Chee
School Head : Mr. So Ping Fai
Incorporated Management Committee been established? : Established
School Type : Aided
Whole Day
Student Gender : Co-ed
Name of Sponsoring Body : The Methodist Church,
Hong Kong
Religion : Protestantism / Christianity
Year of Commencement of Operation : 1999
School Motto : Follow God's will to love one another. Be active and devoted to develop your potential.
Area Occupied by the School : About 5835 Sq. M
Through-train Secondary School : Tin Shui Wai Methodist College
Feeder Secondary School : -
Nominated Secondary School : -
Medium of Instruction : Chinese(incl.: Putonghua) and English
School Bus Service : School Bus
Parent-Teacher Association : Yes
Past Students' Association / Alumni Association : Yes
2021/2022 Annual School Charges 2021/2022 Annual School Charges
School Fee : -
Tong Fai :


PTA Fee : $20
Approved Charges for Non-standard Items : $310 (Air-conditioning fee (not subsidized by the government) and non-standard items)
Other Charges : -
School Facilities School Facilities
Number of Classroom(s) : 30
Number of School Hall(s) : 1
Number of Playground(s) : 2
Number of Library(ies) : 1
Special Rooms : Parent-child Reading Centre, Creative Science & Technology Centre, Long-Distance Learning Centre, Art Room, Music Room, Multi-Media Learning Centre, Art Gallery & Activity Room, etc.
Facility(ies) for Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs : Accessible lift and Accessible toilet.
Others : 1 covered playground, 2 basketball courts, 1 terrace, 2 farming zones, 1 bus (Used and Retired Bus Programme).
Teaching Staff Information (Including School Head) in the 2020/2021 school year Teaching Staff Information (Including School Head) in the 2020/2021 school year
Number of teaching posts in the approved establishment : 56
Total number of teachers in the school : 70
Qualifications and professional training (%)
Teacher Certificate / Diploma in Education : 100%
Bachelor Degree : 99%
Master/ Doctorate Degree or above : 36%
Special Education Training : 33%
Years of Experience (%)
0 - 4 years : 38%
5 - 9 years : 18%
10 years or above : 44%
Class Structure Class Structure
2020/21 School Year
P1 Number of classes : 5
P2 Number of classes : 5
P3 Number of classes : 5
P4 Number of classes : 5
P5 Number of classes : 5
P6 Number of classes : 5
Total : 30
2021/22 School Year (Based on the approval of EDB in 2021)
P1 Number of classes : 5
P2 Number of classes : 5
P3 Number of classes : 5
P4 Number of classes : 5
P5 Number of classes : 5
P6 Number of classes : 5
Total : 30
Mode of teaching at different levels
We believe all students have their own talents and potential. They can all shine when chances are given. Different kinds of supports are provided to cater individual learning needs. And with the benefits of small class teaching, students are encouraged to actively participate in learning activities. Their learning outcomes are shown in different ways to cultivate the sense of achievement.
1. Cooperative learning 2. Remedial classes after school
3. Enhancement programme for bright students 4. Small class teaching mode.
Performance Assessment Performance Assessment
Number of test(s) per year : 0
Number of exam(s) per year : 2
Streaming arrangement : P.1 - P.3 average placement;
P.4 - P.6 ability grouping (Chi, Eng, Maths).
Diversified Assessment for Learning : Various kinds of assessments such as module assessments, booth games and projects are used as formative assessments. Comments and suggestions are given in the academic reports of lower forms, instead of grades, to give a more precise picture of students' performances. Students' work is collected to show their learning progress as well.
School Life School Life
Number of School Days per week : 5
Number of periods per day : 9
Duration of each normal period : 34
School starts at : 8:00 AM
School ends at : 3:15 PM
Lunch break : 12:28 - 13:18
Lunch arrangement : Provided by designated supplier and Prepared by parents.
Healthy school life : We have won the Silver Medal of The Hong Kong Healthy School Award Scheme. 'Live healthily programme' is carried out in our school.
Remarks : Various kinds of multi-intelligence lessons and extra-curricular activities are provided at school in order to develop students' potential. (e.g. Sports, Arts, Music, Drama, Science & Technology, Social Service, English Fun Club, etc.)
Life-wide Learning Life-wide Learning
We value 'learning from experience'. There are cross-curriculum activities in each form and students have outings and visits. Each form has their form-based programmes such as training self-care ability, Maker programme, life education etc. Overseas study tours are organized for all upper primary students to broaden their horizons. Students can also join different ECAs according to their interests.
School Mission School Mission
Developing holistic education through the spirit of God; Nurturing fruitful life by preaching the gospel.
School Characteristics School Characteristics
School Management
School Management Organisation : The administrative structure is formed according to the school-based educational aims and development for school management. Administrators coordinate, report, inspect and evaluate all school works regularly so that all members can always discuss and interchange ideas with one another. A self-assessment culture is cultivated. Data of questionnaires are used for enhancing learning and teaching.
Incorporated Management Committee / School Management Committee/ Management Committee : The Board of Directors is formed by the representatives of teachers, parents and the appointed members of the Church.
School Green Policy : We are environmentally friendly. Guidelines of air-conditioning are set. There are student ambassadors in each class to regulate the resources of the class.
School's Major Concerns : 1. Advocating positive psychology in education, developing students' virtues and personal strengths (persistence, self-regulation and team work).
2. Strengthening students' motivation and effectiveness of learning.
Learning and Teaching Plan
Learning & Teaching Strategies : Various readers are adopted to strengthen students' reading skills. Different programmes like multi-intelligence lessons are carried out in order to develop students with a holistic approach. Project learning and life-wide activities on a spiral, theme based mode are designed to enrich students' life experiences. Upper primary students can get worldwide experiences by going to places like Macau, Singapore and Beijing.
Development of Key Tasks : 1. We integrate project learning into our school curriculum to develop students' generic skills. Students can learn from their daily life experiences.
2. Four skills are closely integrated in language teaching.
3. High level thinking skills training is implemented in our curriculum of Mathematics.
4. We encourage students to read extensively through regular teaching of readers and reading schemes.
Development of Generic Skills : A set of indicators is set for each grade to develop and assess students' nine generic skills systematically. Skills of collaboration, study, self-management and communication are set as the targets of lower primary students. Skills of numeracy, creativity, problem-solving, information technology and critical thinking are set as the targets for upper primary students.
Cultivation of Positive Values and Attitudes : Students are now facing different challenges in this ever-changing society. We aim at advocating positive psychology in education to help students develop their virtues and personal strengths so that they can: 1. be grateful 2. be perseverant 3. be self-reflective We are also devoted to parent education for improving parent-child relationships in order to help students establish good behaviours.
Student Support
Whole School Approach to Catering for Learner Diversity : We have taught Chinese, English, Mathematics, General Studies and Mandarin in small group teaching for several years. Teachers can cater students' individual needs by providing more intensive care. Besides, we provide different supportive service for the students with special needs. We also develop enhancement programme includes activity and training for the talented students like 'TSWMPS Elite'.
Whole School Approach to Integrated Education : Whole school approach is adopted. Students Support Team (teachers, social workers and counselors) uses the 3-Tier Intervention Support Model to cater students' learning diversity. Remedial teaching groups, personal growth group, speech therapy, school-based educational psychology service etc. are provided for students in need.
Education Support for Non-Chinese Speaking(NCS) Students : Our school provides additional support for NCS students to facilitate their learning of Chinese: providing after-school support programmes in learning Chinese; appointing additional teacher(s)/teaching assistant(s) to support NCS students' learning of Chinese; arranging intensive Chinese learning and teaching mode(s), e.g. pull-out learning if necessary, split-class/group learning, etc; developing school-based Chinese Language curriculum and/or adapting learning and teaching materials; organising cultural integration activities; and our school uses Putonghua to teach Chinese at all levels with extra support, e.g. pull-out/small-group classes, learning resources with Pinyin, etc.
Curriculum Tailoring and Adaptation : Students' special needs are assessed by P.1 screening project and case referral. Academic adjustments are made based on the advice given by the social workers and educational psychologist. Mastery learning approach is implemented to help students who fail in the assessment to attain satisfactory performance. We work with our through-train college to provide training for talented students, like setting up 'Talent Pool'.
Home-school Co-operation and School Ethos
Home-School Co-operation : Parents Support Network is set up as we value the partnership with the parents. We hold parents day in different modes. Parents can also communicate with the teachers regularly. Parent Teacher Association has been established and various kinds of parents workshops are provided. Parents volunteers are always welcomed to participate in our school activities in order to know more about our school curriculum.
School Ethos : A harmonious relationship among parents, teachers and students has been established. Positive Education is implemented to build up students' through different events like P.1 bridging programme, overseas study tours, learning through serving others, life-wide activities, etc. Students can learn in a pleasant environment that fosters self-respect and respect for others by means of whole school award scheme, class teacher lessons and comprehensive guidance service.
Future Development
School Development Plan : 1.Cultivating student's positive values and nurturing students' personal growth with the spirit of God.
2.Focusing on teachers' development to improve the teaching effectiveness.
3. Establishing a stimulating environment for language acquisition.
4. Building up students' empathy through activities and Makers' programmes which connect to daily life experiences and community.
5. Providing various ECAs for students to develop their potential.
6. Enhancing facilities.
Teacher Professional Training & Development : Teachers focus greatly on studying and implementing a wide variety of teaching and learning strategies in order to improve student's motivation and ensure individual learning needs are met.
Others : Students have got opportunities to develop their potential and talents. They have got awards in different areas like sports and STEM. Some of them even represented Hong Kong to join international competitions.

We have been awarded 'Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence' for six successive years. Some of our teachers are awarded 'Excellent Teachers'. We are also awarded as a 'Caring School' in the area of caring the students with special needs.
School Map School Map
  • Our School
    Our School
  • We trust every student is achievable
    We trust every student is achievable
  • Domestic and overseas life-wide learning activities
    Domestic and overseas life-wide learning activities
  • Introduction of Tin Shui Wai Methodist Primary School
    Introduction of Tin Shui Wai Methodist Primary School

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