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Education Bureau
Information obtained from EDB Homepage
(A) Education Reform
1. Education Reform Highlights
(B) Educational Key Issues
1. School-based Management
2. Quality Assurance for Schools
3. Quality Education Fund
4. Gifted Education
5. Whole School Approach to Integrated Education
6. Special Education
7. IT in Education
8. Medium of Instruction
9. Whole-day Primary Schooling
10. Curriculum Development - Life-wide Learning
11. Assistance Scheme operated by Uniformed Groups and The Hong Kong Award for Young People for Needy Student Members
(C) School Places Allocation Systems V Primary One Admission System
1. Primary One Admission System
(D) Guidance and Discipline Services Supporting Students
1. Life Planning Information
2. Student Guidance and Discipline Services
3. Education and Support Services for Newly-arrived Children
4. Education Services for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Students
(E) Others
1. Fees & Charges in Schools
2. School Information Search & School Lists
3. Direct Subsidy Scheme
4. Through-Train Mode
5. Figures and Statistics on Education
6. Parent Academy (HKEdCity) (Chinese Version Only)
7. Inland Revenue Department
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