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Primary One Admission System

The Primary One Admission System is divided into two stages: "Discretionary Places Admission" stage and "Central Allocation" stage.

Discretionary Places Admission Stage

Each government and aided primary school will earmark about 50% of its Primary 1 (P1) places as discretionary places. During the stage of "Discretionary Places Admission", parents may apply to only ONE government or aided school in or outside the POA school net in which they reside. There are two categories of discretionary places admission:

A. Applicant children with sibling(s) studying or parent(s) working in the school

B. Selection of applicant children according to the Points System

# Parents / Guardians are advised to consult the school direct about the definition of "same religious affiliation" before submitting the application form.

## Parents / Guardians are advised to consult the school direct about the definition of "a member of the same organization" before submitting the application form.

Note: Applicant children may claim ONLY ONE of the relationships from (1) to (5) and ONE of the relationships from (6) to (7). Applicant children will be awarded the appropriate points for the relationships claimed upon verification.

When schools select the applicant children during the "Discretionary Places Admission" stage, they must not conduct tests or interviews on the applicant children's acquired curriculum knowledge. Under the Points System, interviews with the applicant children are not required. However, if schools consider it necessary to meet with the applicant children, they should inform the parents about the purpose and arrangements for the meeting. Parents should note that selection is based solely on the Points System and the meeting has no bearing on the admission of the applicant children.

If there are applicant children with equal scores under the Points System and the number of applicant children exceeds that of the remaining discretionary places, applicant children should be selected by "randomisation". Schools can draw lots on their own or refer the applications to the Education Bureau for processing. If schools decide to draw lots on their own, they should conduct it in a fair and just manner. Schools should also inform parents/ guardians in advance of the detailed arrangements.

"Central Allocation" Stage

Each primary school should earmark about 50% of its P1 places for the Central Allocation. The Central Allocation is composed of 2 parts. Part A which takes up 10% of the Primary One places earmarked for Central Allocation is the "Unrestricted School Choices". Parents can choose up to any 3 government or aided primary schools in Hong Kong. Part B takes up the remaining 90% of the Primary One places earmarked for Central Allocation. Parents of applicant children are to make their choices strictly from their "Choice of Schools List for Central Allocation". Parents should select primary schools available in order of preference and enter as many school choices as possible in the Choice of Schools Form.

The computer-programmed Central Allocation will first process the choices from Part A and then Part B. For oversubscribed schools, the order of priority in allocating places will be determined by "Random Numbers" generated by the computer for individual applications. This is to ensure fairness to all applicant children. The computer will consider all applicant children's first choices in Part A in the order of their "Random Numbers". After processing all applicant children's first choices, the computer will repeat the same procedure to check the second and then the third choices of the unallocated applicant children. For those who have not been allocated a place at this stage, the computer will repeat the above procedure to check all the applicant children's school choices in Part B until all applicant children are allocated school places. When vacancies in the selected schools are filled up, the applicant children will be allocated to a school from the "Choice of Schools List for Central Allocation" of their school net which has not been chosen.

Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) Primary Schools and Private Primary Schools

DSS primary schools and private primary schools are excluded from the Primary One Admission System. Parents who wish to send their children to these schools may apply to the schools direct. Parents should note that children who have accepted the offer of P1 places in DSS primary schools will not be allocated P1 places through the Primary One Admission System. If school places have been allocated to them through the Primary One Admission System, those school places will be withdrawn.

School Places Allocation Section (Primary One Admission) Education Bureau

General Enquiries: 2832 7700 / 2832 7740

Address: Office 2, 2/F, Manulife Financial Centre, 223 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon
(Note: School Places Allocation Section is scheduled to be relocated to Podium Floor, West Block, Education Bureau Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre, 19 Suffolk Road, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon in mid-September 2023. The details will be announced on the EDB’s website.)

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