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About CHSC

The Education Commission recommended in its Report No.5 that a Committee on Home-School Co-operation be set up to promote home-school co-operation by conducting surveys, allocating project grants to schools, publicizing better home-school relations and encouraging the establishment of Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs). The Committee on Home-School Co-operation was set up in February 1993. At present, it comprises the chairperson, ex-officio member from the Education Bureau (EDB), educators (drawn from kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and special schools), parents of children in local schools, parent educators and members from other sectors / professionals.

Our Work

  • To encourage the establishment of Parent-Teacher Associations;
  • To promote positive attitudes towards home-school co-operation and parent education through publicity programmes, publicity for good ideas, workshops and seminars;
  • To disburse grants to schools which have ideas for innovative approaches to improving home-school co-operation and enhancing parent education, and to ensure that successful schemes are publicized;
  • To develop multi-media training and publicity materials to encourage better home-school co-operation;
  • To advise the Education Bureau and other government departments and non-government organizations on ways to promote positive parental involvement in the education process;
  • To conduct surveys to investigate current perceptions of home-school relationships, the attitudes of parents, and the improvements required;
  • To advise teacher education institutions, through the Committee on Professional Development of Teachers and Principals, on ways to incorporate the concepts and skills of working with parents in courses of initial teacher training, refresher courses and in-service training for school heads and teachers; and
  • To facilitate and support schools in promoting parent education.


Working Groups

The Committee fulfils its mission through the work of its four working groups.


The Committee on Home-School Co-operation had conducted various kinds of 'home-school co-operation' visits. The knowledge and experience gained by members during the visits helped the Committee in finding a better direction for long-term development of home-school co-operation in Hong Kong. The Committee also keeps holding topical campaign annually.

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