"Happy Kids·Bountiful Life" Award Scheme 2017

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"Happy Kids·Bountiful Life" Award Scheme 2017

The Committee on Home-School Co-operation, Ocean Park and the Department of Social Work and Social Administration of the University of Hong Kong join hands again this year to organize the "Happy Kids·Bountiful Life" Award Scheme to give commendations to students who exhibit a positive and proactive attitude towards various life challenges.

This award scheme encourages students to develop a habit of archiving the happy moments of life by recording each daily encounter which brings joyful experience. And through such process, they learn to appreciate the joy of life and become grateful to everything they receive in life. The practice of gratitude brings surprising life changes. It makes people happier and more resilient to stresses. With improved mental health, they exhibit positive attitudes and are better equipped to face the challenges of life.

Since the launch of the "Happy Kids · Bountiful Life" Award Scheme 2017 in mid-March this year, close to 490 schools have participated in the scheme and over 6,700 students have received awards. Each student awardee will receive a Commendation Certificate and 2 General admission tickets from Ocean Park Hong Kong to enjoy the fun and educational in-park activities with their friends and families.

On 25 May 2017, a media event and the certificate award ceremony was held in the Ocean Park. Attending the presentation were Henry Tong Sau-chai, Chairman of CHSC; Matthias Li Sing-chung, Chief Executive of Ocean Park; Professor Paul Yip Siu-fai, HKU Department of Social Work and Social Administration; Smile Cheung Siu-yung, Child Education Advisor and experienced media practitioner; and celebrities Joe Ma and his wife Dr. Karen Cheung, as well as Chui Sze Ming, Principal of Chan Shu Kui Memorial School and Yung Ka Yan, a Form 4 student of Chan Shu Kui Memorial School, who have participated in the award scheme.



Some students' daily or weekly gratitude journal

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