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For the purpose of full-utilization of public resources and deepening the home-school co-operation, self-initiated district-based Federations of Parent-Teacher Associations (FPTAs) are formed to invite PTAs of the same district to join together for common interest. The Education Bureau (EDB) will work with the Committee on Home-School Co-operation in supporting the FPTAs.

A total of 18 FPTAs have been formed. The FPTAs are registered either under The Companies Ordinance or Societies Ordinance. Their information can be browsed through our home page.


Even though there are differences in constitution of individual FPTAs, the functions are generalized as follows:

Assist the establishment of Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) in its district;

Enhance the coordination and communication of PTAs in its district;

Promote parent education, develop parent-student education and deepen home-school co-operation; and

Play the advisory role on issues of education and home-school co-operation.


FPTAs launch various kinds of activities in their own districts (e.g. Parent Academies, seminars, sharing sessions, foreign exchange programs, competition for homepage design etc.)

With the coordination of human and material resources, the FPTAs can expand the coverage of the activities and attract more public attention.

Way Forward

To foster further development, the FPTAs actively participate in the contributions of views about education policies. It is envisaged that building on the existing strength, FPTAs will continue to play an important role in deepening home-school co-operation.

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