"Healthy Rewards Make Healthy Kids, Start Smart with Health"

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"Healthy Rewards Make Healthy Kids, Start Smart with Health"


The Department of Health has launched the territory-wide StartSmart@school.hk Campaign in January this year in a joint effort with the Education Bureau and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. The aim of this Campaign is to encourage parents/carers to help children aged 2-6 to cultivate a sustainable healthy lifestyle. The first Announcement of Public Interest (API) – “Healthy Rewards Make Healthy Kids, Start Smart with Health” is now being broadcasted in all TV and radio channels.

There are many smart ways to reward your kids and show them your love. For example, you can praise them, hug them, spend more time with them, play with them outdoors, etc. Using food as a reward? It nurtures your kids’ love for sugar and fat, hinders their development of healthy eating habits; worse still, it increases the risks of obesity and other chronic diseases. If you love your kids, remember: “NO FOOD REWARD”!

To watch the TV API online, please visit the thematic website of the StartSmart@school.hk Campaign at www.startsmart.gov.hk.

Hope you enjoy this API and recommend this to your beloved ones!


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