Live it, Use it Nutrition Labelling Promotion Award Scheme 2012-13

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Live it, Use it Nutrition Labelling Promotion Award Scheme 2012-13


Programme Details

The “Live it, Use it” Nutrition Labelling Promotion Award Scheme which is co-organized by the Centre for Food Safety of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and Education Bureau and supported by the Committee on Home-School Co-operation, has stepped into its third year and continues to encourage students to plan and implement nutrition labelling promotion activities in school/community settings. Participants can enhance their understanding and use of nutrition labelling, demonstrate and enhance their creativity, analytical, organisation abilities and communication skills via the planning, implementing the activities and the evaluation process. Students can also take this opportunity to serve the schoolmates and/or society and build up self confidence.
The Award Scheme not only let students to implement and promote healthy lifestyles, it can also be incorporated as part of the Healthy School Policy, health-related co-curricular activities, or as learning elements under life-wide learning or Other Learning Experiences.
Emphases of the Award Scheme include:

Relevant to daily life

Encourage the use of nutrition labelling

Accurate and effective message delivery

Adoption of objective evaluation methods for improving future activities


Promotion coverage and participation of promotion targets

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