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Message from CHSC Chairman

December 2017

Dear Parents,

I am pleased to inform you that the Secondary School Profiles (SSP) 2017/2018 have been released for your reference. In addition to the printed copy, an electronic version is also available online ( to provide the latest information on schools.

Every child is unique. Understanding and appreciating your children’s abilities and hence nurturing them according to their attributes will help them realise their potential and build self-confidence. The information provided in the SSP enables you to know more about individual schools from different perspectives, especially the latest school development. This facilitates the selection of a suitable learning environment where your children can learn effectively and joyfully. Apart from making good use of the SSP, you may attend talks on primary-to-secondary transition organised by the Education Bureau to heed expert advice and share the tips for selecting a suitable school. Furthermore, you may acquaint yourself with individual secondary schools by browsing their websites, attending their open day activities or making direct enquiry. You may also seek advice from primary school teachers as they can equally provide input for your decision.

Children vary in how well they adapt to secondary school life. You should therefore strengthen communication with your children and encourage them to share with you their learning experiences and feelings about the new setting. If your children encounter difficulties in learning, you should show understanding and offer encouragement and appreciate their effort. Happy families cultivate happy children. As parents, you need to cope with various changes and challenges in raising your children. A harmonious family relationship gives you the strength to tackle problems that your children face in the course of development.

As soon as your children proceed to secondary education, you should actively foster home-school communication and get to know the school and its teachers. We encourage parents to squeeze out time for activities organised by the school or parent-teacher association to support educational work at the school level. Home-school co-operation is instrumental in creating a harmonious and happy atmosphere for learning and development.

In closing, I extend my best wishes to you and your family and wish your children health and happiness.

Henry TONG Sau-chai
Chairman of the Committee on Home-School Co-operation

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