SSP 2020/2021
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A Message from CHSC Chairman

December 2020

Dear Parents,

      I am pleased to announce the release of the Secondary School Profiles (SSP) 2020/2021. In addition to printed copies, an electronic version is also available online ( to facilitate access to school information anytime.

      With an overview of the characteristics and development of individual schools, the SSP helps you choose for your children a learning environment conducive to happy learning and active participation in campus life. Before making a choice, you are recommended to learn about your children's attributes, personalities, abilities and interests, and study various schools' educational philosophy, characteristics, development direction, history, etc. Apart from referring to the SSP for integrated information of schools, you may attend talks or activities about primary-to-secondary transition organised by the Education Bureau or schools to find out more about the admission mechanism, vision and characteristics of each school. At the same time, professional advice can be sought from experts, principals and teachers. Acquainting yourself with individual schools by browsing their websites or making direct enquiry may also help you obtain information required for identifying a suitable school for your children.

      The transition to secondary schooling inevitably involves considerable changes and different challenges. To enable smooth adaptation to the new environment and learning mode, you are advised to communicate with your children more often by listening attentively to their experiences of school life, encouraging them to express their feelings and offering them support. When your children encounter difficulties in learning, what mean the most to them are your timely care and support, patience and assistance, as well as due appreciation. Other than understanding your children's abilities and needs, you should also get a grasp of effective parenting and communication skills, so that you can stay positive and optimistic when seeing children through their adolescence.

      With your children moving on to secondary education, you are expected to establish close communication and partnership with their schools. Whenever possible, you are encouraged to join activities arranged by the school and the parent-teacher association, and foster the development of your children in the spirit of home-school co-operation.

       In closing, please accept my best wishes to you and your family. May I also wish your children health and happiness throughout their journey of growing up.

Eugene FONG Yick-jin
Chairman of the Committee on Home-School Co-operation