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School Information.
HKSYC & IA Chan Nam Chong Memorial College
Address: 12 King Cho Road Cho Yiu Estate Kwai Chung NT
Phone:   27410326    Email:
Fax:   27859831    Website:

School Mission

Our school aims at providing education opportunities to teenagers, instilling knowledge and truth into them and teaching them the good qualities of "loyalty, forgiveness, diligence, and dexterity", and thus promoting the sense of propriety, justice, honesty and honour in the traditional Chinese culture.

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School Information School Information
District : Kwai Tsing
Other District(s) : Sham Shui Po, Islands
Supervisor / Chairman of School Management Committee : Mr. Szeto Io Chong
Principal : Mr. Chan Chin Lee (BSSc (CUHK), PgCEd (HKU))
School Type : Aided
Student Gender : Co-ed
School Size : About 6000 Sq. M
Sponsoring Body : The Hong Kong Sze Yap Commercial and Industrial Association
Incorporated Management Committee been established : Established
Religion : Not Applicable
Year of Commencement of Operation : 1979
School Motto : Loyalty; Forgiveness; Diligence and Dexterity
Parent-Teacher Association : Yes
Student Union / Association : No
Past Students’ Association / School Alumni Association : Yes
Chargeable Fees (2020/2021) Chargeable Fees (2020/2021)
  School Fee($) Tong Fai($)  
S1 - -  
S2 - -  
S3 - -  
S4 - $340  
S5 - $340  
S6 - $340  
Parent-Teacher Association Fee (Annual)($): $40  
Students' Association Membership Fee($): -  
Approved Charges for non-standard items (Annual) ($): $310  
Other Charges / Fees($): House fee: $40; Alumni Association fee: $20 (F.6 )  
School Facilities School Facilities
School Facilities: : Our school has Campus TV station, Cafe, dance studio and gym room. To promote STEAM education, the school has set up a virtual reality VR teaching center and an innovative technology teaching center. The campus has also set up a E-learning Bar, which is open to students to search for information on the Internet to promote self-regulated learning.
Facility(ies) for Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs: : Ramp, Accessible lift and We provide MacBook and Screen Reading Software for visually impaired students to facilitate their use of voice recognition in assessment.
Teaching Staff Information (Including School Head) Teaching Staff Information (Including School Head)
Number of teaching posts in the approved establishment: : 43
Total number of teachers in the school: : 51
Qualifications and Professional Training : Percentage of teaching staff (%)
Teacher Certificate / Diploma in Education : : 88%
Bachelor Degree: : 98%
Master / Doctorate Degree or above : : 35%
Special Education Training : : 35%
Working Experiences : Percentage of teaching staff (%)
0-4 years : : 31%
5-9 years : : 10%
10 years or above : : 59%
2020/2021 Class Structure 2020/2021 Class Structure
    No. of Classes
S1 : 3
S2 : 3
S3 : 3
S4 : 2
S5 : 3
S6 : 3
Subjects Offered Subjects Offered
Subjects Offered in 2020/2021 School Year : S.1 - S.3
Chinese as the medium of instruction : Chinese Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science*, Geography*, Chinese History, History*, Putonghua, Music, Visual Arts*, Physical Education, Computer and Innovative Technology*
English as the medium of instruction : English Language
Use either Chinese or English as the medium of instruction by class or by group : -
Subjects Offered in 2020/2021 School Year : S.4 - S.6
Chinese as the medium of instruction : Chinese Language, Liberal Studies, Mathematics, Chinese History, Economics, Geography, History, Tourism and Hospitality Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business-Accounting and Financial Studies, Health Management and Social Care, Design and Applied Technology, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Integrated Arts
English as the medium of instruction : English Language
Use either Chinese or English as the medium of instruction by class or by group :


Subjects to be Offered in 2021/2022 School Year : S.1 - S.3
Chinese as the medium of instruction : Chinese Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science*, Geography*, Chinese History, History*, Putonghua, Music, Visual Arts*, Physical Education, Computer and Innovative Technology*
English as the medium of instruction : English Language
Use either Chinese or English as the medium of instruction by class or by group :


Subjects to be Offered in 2021/2022 School Year : S.4 - S.6
Chinese as the medium of instruction : Chinese Language, Liberal Studies, Mathematics, Chinese History, Economics, Geography, History, Tourism and Hospitality Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business-Accounting and Financial Studies, Health Management and Social Care, Design and Applied Technology, Visual Arts, Sports, Integrated Arts
English as the medium of instruction : English Language
Use either Chinese or English as the medium of instruction by class or by group :


*Subjects with extended learning activities (ELA) in English

Secondary One Admission, Orientation Activities & Healthy School Life Secondary One Admission, Orientation Activities & Healthy School Life
Secondary One Admission : Our school will accept discretionary places. Our school will participate in the Secondary School Places Allocation System through central allocation stage (Applicable for admission to S.1 in September 2021 ).Our school has always attached great importance to the all round development of students. The secondary one discretionary places applicants are assessed according to the following criteria and weighting: Behaviour and conduct 20%; Academic performance 20%; EDB Rank Order List 20%; Awards 10%; Extracurricular activities and services 10%; Interview 20%.
Orientation Activities and Healthy Life : Our teachers tailor-make 'Summer Learning Fun' adaptation program and the 'Extended Learning' courses. Through orienteering, school tour and field work study, students get to know their classmates, teachers and to be familiar with the secondary school life and the community. Furthermore, students learn English through various interesting games in the 'English is Fun' summer day camp led by Native English instructors. Teachers could get to know the S1 students and their needs through interview and questionnaires in registration day. In order to strengthen home-school cooperation, we organize S1 Parents Day Camp which enables teachers and parents of S1 students to build up a close parent-teacher partnership in a relaxed environment. We pay great attention to physical and mental health of students, we implement various healthy life programmes such as 'Adolescent Health', 'Sunshine 360' and 'Joyful st School' etc. Through the lectures and activities on healthy life topics, we develop students' positive attitude and live a healthy life.
School Characteristics School Characteristics
School Management
(1)School's Major Concerns : We strive to build a ‘Caring Campus’ with caring and inclusive learning culture, and are committed to put the ideology of ‘Success Education’ into practice. We provide a broad and diversified curriculum and employ diversified teaching strategies to cater for the needs of students with different abilities so that all students could fully develop their potential and be ‘The Pride of CNC’.
(2) School Management Organisation : We adopt an open school-based management mode and value communication, teamwork and cooperation. The school’s policies and important administrative measures are formulated by the administration committee, and implemented after thorough discussion in the staff meeting. All staff are involved in the sustainable development and self-improvement plan of the school. Under the administration committee are committees of two major areas, learning and teaching and student development, subject and teams, which work closely with each other. Class council for each form provides a platform where class teachers and support teachers work together to strengthen learning and support.
(3) Incorporated Management Committee / School Management Committee / Management Committee : The Incorporated Management Committee was established in 2006. Members include Sponsoring body managers, principal, parent managers, teacher managers, alumni manager and individual managers. It allows different stakeholders to participate in school management so that school development and policies can meet the expectations of different stake holders.
(4) School Green Policy : We are committed to building an environmentally friendly campus. Working with partners from various environmental organizations, we provide ample opportunity for students to take part in environmental protection through activities in both formal and informal curriculum. Our campus implements recycling programs, including food waste, plastic, and waste paper. In terms of emission reduction and energy saving, we use energy-saving fluorescent tubes and set up solar farms on rooftops to make good use of renewable resources. In terms of greening the environment, we have set up an organic farm for students to practice organic farming.
Learning and Teaching Plan
(1) Whole-school Language Policy : Our language policy takes students’ learning effectiveness as our major concern. We firmly believe that mother language is the best medium for learning, eliminating all the learning difficulties and obstacles caused by the use of second language, thereby enhancing students’ learning motivation and interest. At the same time, we also attach great importance to the requirement of "biliteracy and trilingualism" for students. We increase English lesson hours in both junior and senior forms to incorporate drama, movies, and readers into English curriculum. Terms in English are taught in various subjects to expand students' vocabulary list. To build up an English environment, reading across curriculum, English weeks etc. are implemented to provide opportunities for students to further improve their English proficiency. We have reading classes every day, and implement the Chinese and English Extensive Reading Award Scheme, Online Reading Award Scheme, Putonghua Recitation Competition, Inter-community Debate Competition, School Magazine and Campus TV student reporters scheme etc. to train up students’ all round 'biliterate and trilingual' ability.
(2) Learning and Teaching Strategies : We practice ‘success education’ in teaching with small steps, quick feedback, more encouragement and appreciation. Students can easily understand and master so as to build up their confidence in learning and self-efficacy, and thereby enhancing their motivation and interest in learning. To further develop students' to be active learners with life long learning skills, we implement student-centred learning strategy. By training students to take notes in class and organize concepts, we equip students with self-learning skills. We also strive to develop the students' self learning habit and ability by introducing flipped classroom teaching strategy with various pre-lesson study tasks and post-lesson assessment activities.
(3) School-based Curriculum : 1. Electives: 2X. Students are required to choose 2 elective subjects from 12 subjects including Arts, Science, Humanities and Technology subjects.
2. Curriculum highlights: To enhance students’ generic skills, the school carefully designs school-based cross-curricular courses, with particular emphasis on students’ learning process and teaching strategies. Students are required to apply and integrate the knowledge learnt from different subjects in a specific thematic study. It also aims at raising students' ability of problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity etc.
(4) Development of the Four Key Tasks : Please refer to the "Others" field.
(5) Life Planning Education : We implement an all round life planning education. Junior forms life planning classes let students know themselves, set direction and learning goals. Through personal counseling and experiential learning such as mock interview and recruitment, aptitude test etc., senior form students develop a positive life attitude and have a more specific planning. To broaden students’ horizons, school implements "Human Library" that invites alumni and professionals from various industries to share their experience with students in small groups. We also participate in the "Project WeCan" intern and workplace visit program, "Teach Unlimited Foundation" and "Life Buddies" mentorship program in cooperation with our business partners. We organize overseas study tours to allow senior form students to know more about the path of study overseas.
Student Support
(1) Whole School Approach to Catering for Learner Diversity : We implement small-class teaching at the junior levels to cater for learning diversity. To leave no students behind, we provide small group remedial teaching, after-school homework tutoring and mentoring scheme etc. We also provide after-school gifted classes to extend learning of the top students. To cater for learning diversity, we employ differential learning tasks and worksheets. We also make arrangements in assessments to take care of students with different abilities, but at the same time provide opportunity for the top students to pursue excellence.
(2) Whole School Approach to Integrated Education : The school attaches great importance to the diversity of students. The Vice principal coordinates the work of Integrative Education, leading all subjects and student supporting teams, educational psychologists and speech therapists to develop a holistic strategic support plan and IEP for students with special educational needs. The school employ social workers and counselors to provide social and learning training for the students with needs. Our school establishes effective communication mechanism with parents so that they are well informed of their children's learning in school.
(3) Education Support for Non-Chinese Speaking(NCS) Students : Our school provides additional support for NCS students to facilitate their learning of Chinese: providing after-school support programmes in learning Chinese; appointing additional teacher(s)/teaching assistant(s) to support NCS students’ learning of Chinese; arranging intensive Chinese learning and teaching mode(s), e.g. pull-out learning if necessary, split-class/group learning, etc.; developing school-based Chinese Language curriculum and/or adapting learning and teaching materials; and organising cultural integration activities.
(4) Measures to provide adaptation for Learning and Assessment : We adopt diversified continuous assessment policy. In addition to one exam in each semester, we have regular uniform tests to develop students habit of learning. With reference to the different nature of subjects, assignments, quizzes, reports and extensive readings are included in the assessment. We make special arrangements in assessment to evaluate students of different abilities, and set up a challenging part to extend the top students potential. Class promotion is based on holistic assessment of students, and learning attitude is the most important criterion.
Home-school Co-operation and School Ethos
(1) Home-School Co-operation : School and parents work closely together. Through day camp, tour and parents day, parents and teachers exchange ideas freely. In addition, the 'Chicken Soup for Soul' activity organized by the Parent Teacher Association provides a relaxing communication platform for parents and teachers. Our school invites parents to participate in the school’s activities so that parents can experience the culture and atmosphere of the school.
(2) School Ethos : We adopt a positive discipline mode that focuses on encouragement and appreciation of students’ good behavior. We implement the "Star Scheme" and "Rainbow Award Scheme". The effect is remarkable. Students are well behaved and respect school rules. School's atmosphere is positive and inclusive, teachers and students with good rapport. We have been awarded the Caring School Award for 13 consecutive years from 2007 to 2020, and the "Best Caring Teaching Staff" award in 2011. We attach importance to the health and growth of students and implement the Sunshine 360 healthy school program to enhance students’ ability to cope with adversity through adventure based counseling activities. We received the Honor Award and Special Award of Hi-Five Student Engagement Award Scheme in 2019 and 2020 respectively.
Future Development
(1) School Development Plan : 1. Excel Learning and Teaching to nurture self-regulated learners.
2. To enhance learning and teaching effectiveness and cater for learning diversity through the use of differentiated task and worksheet.
3. “Proud to be CNCers. Be the pride of CNC.” To further improve students self-efficacy and intensify CNC spirit through theme-based learning activities.
(2) Teacher Professional Training and Development : We integrate school-based and external professional support in teachers’ professional development. In addition to participating in school-based support program and inviting universities and education professionals to come to school for teachers' training and development, we also organizes teacher professional development regularly e.g. collective lesson preparation and sharing, and 'Open classroom' to facilitate lesson observation and study between teachers. In recent years, schools have focused on improving teachers' use of e-learning software to meet the needs of self-regulated learning and online teaching.
Life-wide Learning (including Five Essential Learning Experiences to be provided through Key Learning Areas, Extra-curricular Activities, Co-curricular Activities, etc.) : Life-wide learning activities provide students with learning experience outside classrooms. In addition to the co-curricular activities of house, clubs and societies, there are special school-based "Friday Classroom" curriculum that offers diversified courses, allowing students to fully develop their talents and skills in sports, arts, leadership as well as hobbies and lifestyle. 'Academy for the Elders' and voluntary services promote the inclusion of elders and young and develop students sense of commitment in serving the underprivileged and the society. The students have performed well in physical education, among which the handball team is the most outstanding. We organize overseas study tours every year. The places we have visited include Japan, Singapore, Inner Mongolia, Xi'an and many other places, so that students can develop a global perspective and have a better understanding of the world and nation. We also provide ample field study opportunities to let students apply knowledge to authentic situations.
Others : Development of key projects:
School-based Curriculum: The Chinese and Visual Arts subjects of our school are the forerunners of the school-based curriculum in Hong Kong and have won the Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence. We work together with professional from famous local drama group to develop the Senior form Comprehensive Arts Curriculum to enhance students' ability to express themselves through drama. Cross-curricular project: STEAM project and research provides opportunities for students to integrate and apply knowledge in thematic study. Reading: we set up classroom library and arrange diversified reading materials by level, we also set up a leisure reading area in the library, and have regular sessions to promote and share reading of books. Through the online self-study platform, students can read and learn online and develop habit of self-study and self-management. Moral education and civic education: Adopting the whole school approach, in addition to the moral education class of the class teachers and guest lectures, the elements of moral and civic education are incorporated in each subject.
Other development projects:
1. The "Profiling Diversity" project of the Jockey Club: Use a large database to develop student's personal learning profile, and to monitor student's learning progress and development.
2. Hong Kong Arts Development Council "Arts in School Partnership Scheme": working together with professional artists to conduct senior forms school school-based "Integrated Arts" curriculum.
3. The "Jockey Club ICH + Innovative Heritage Education Programme" co-organised by Lingnan University and the Hong Kong Academy of Arts: Interdisciplinary Chinese Traditional Culture and Art Course in Junior forms.
Direct public transportation to School : Bus Route: 30, 42, 45, 46, 46X, 269M;
Public Light Bus Route: 47M, 90M, 91A, 92M, 93, 313, 405, 407, 410, 411;
MTR: Lai King Station A1 exit.
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  • HKSYC & IA Chan Nam Chong Memorial College
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    Chinese Culture and Art Inheritance Class
  • Growth and Development Training Camp for Junior Form Students
    Growth and Development Training Camp for Junior Form Students
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