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香港兆基創意書院 (李兆基基金會贊助、香港當代文化中心主辦)
HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity
Address: 135 Junction Road, Kowloon
Phone:   21809595    Email:
Fax:   21809540    Website:

School Mission

The School endeavours to promote creative education with a special characteristic. Its curriculum is designed to incorporate artistic creation and creative learning on the vertical front, and cultural knowledge and humanist concerns on the horizontal front. Its aims to cultivate a new generation of talents for the development of the arts and culture arena and the creative industry in Hong Kong.

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School Information School Information
District : Kowloon City
Other District(s) :
Supervisor / Chairman of School Management Committee : Madam Wong Ada Ying Kay, JP
Principal : Ms Chan Yuen Fun Donna (MEd (Child and Adolescent Development), BA Hons (PE))
School Type : DSS
Student Gender : Co-ed
School Size : About 4705 Sq. M
Sponsoring Body : Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture (HKICC)
Incorporated Management Committee been established : Not Applicable
Religion : Not Applicable
Year of Commencement of Operation : 2006
School Motto : Imagination, Compassion, Innovation, Diversity, Discipline, Versatility, Visionary, Empathy
Parent-Teacher Association : Yes
Student Union / Association : No
Past Students’ Association / School Alumni Association : Yes
Chargeable Fees (2020/2021) Chargeable Fees (2020/2021)
  School Fee($) Tong Fai($)  
S1 - -  
S2 - -  
S3 - -  
S4 $27600 -  
S5 $27600 -  
S6 $27600 -  
Parent-Teacher Association Fee (Annual)($): -  
Students' Association Membership Fee($): -  
Approved Charges for non-standard items (Annual) ($): -  
Other Charges / Fees($): -  
School Facilities School Facilities
School Facilities: : Our campus is designed by the internationally famous Hong Kong architect Mr Rocco Yim. The architecture actualizes the vision of building a proactive learning community by emphasizing and facilitating interaction between the teaching team and the students, and between the School, the community and the professional sectors. The campus is divided into two major sections: the learning and teaching zone, and the community platform. Integrating the two is the feature design of The Creative Promenade, providing an invitational access to the community. Special facilities include: Multimedia Theatre (the 400-seat theatre, equipped with digital installations of professional standard, will act as the creative hub of both the learning community of the School and the arts community), Multimedia Gallery, the Creative Promenade, Library, Student Artefact Studio, Multi-purpose Room, Imaging Lab, Sound & Broadcasting Studio, Computer rooms and Science & Technology Lab, Dance Studio and Critique rooms.
Facility(ies) for Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs: : Ramp, Accessible lift and Accessible toilet.
Teaching Staff Information (Including School Head) Teaching Staff Information (Including School Head)
Number of teaching posts in the approved establishment: : 0
Total number of teachers in the school: : 59
Qualifications and Professional Training : Percentage of teaching staff (%)
Teacher Certificate / Diploma in Education : : 49%
Bachelor Degree: : 100%
Master / Doctorate Degree or above : : 41%
Special Education Training : : 3%
Working Experiences : Percentage of teaching staff (%)
0-4 years : : 55%
5-9 years : : 25%
10 years or above : : 20%
2020/2021 Class Structure 2020/2021 Class Structure
    No. of Classes
S1 : 0
S2 : 0
S3 : 0
S4 : 6
S5 : 6
S6 : 6
Subjects Offered Subjects Offered
Subjects Offered in 2020/2021 School Year : S.1 - S.3
Chinese as the medium of instruction : : S.1 to S.3 not available
English as the medium of instruction : : S.1 to S.3 not available
Use either Chinese or English as the medium of instruction by class or by group : : S.1 to S.3 not available
Subjects Offered in 2020/2021 School Year : S.4 - S.6
Chinese as the medium of instruction : : HKDSE:
Chinese Language, Chinese Literature, Liberal Studies, Mathematics, Visual Arts, Design & Applied Technology, Information & Communication Technology, Ethics & Religious Studies; Diploma in Creative Arts (A 3-year program): including the following modules: Design & Visual Communication, Film and Video Arts, Performing Arts, Spatial Studies, Humanities, Practical English Language & Chinese Language
English as the medium of instruction : : HKDSE Subjects: English Language, Mathematics
Use either Chinese or English as the medium of instruction by class or by group : : Diploma in Creative Arts:
This programme has been validated by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications. QR Registration No. is 14/002987/L3. Valid Period from 1/9/2018 to 31/8/2022.
Subjects to be Offered in 2021/2022 School Year : S.1 - S.3
Chinese as the medium of instruction : : S.1 available, S.2 to S.3 in progress
Chinese Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Chinese History, Creative Basics (a school-based curriculum which integrates the content of Visual Arts, Music, Computer, Design and Technology, and other arts medium, with some content of Integrated Science and PE), Everyday Life and Practice (a school-based curriculum which integrates the content of Integrated Humanities, Technology and Living, with some content of Integrated Science and PE)
English as the medium of instruction : : S.1 available, S.2 to S.3 in progress
English Language
Use either Chinese or English as the medium of instruction by class or by group : : -
Subjects to be Offered in 2021/2022 School Year : S.4 - S.6
Chinese as the medium of instruction : : HKDSE Subjects: Chinese Language, Chinese Literature, Mathematics, Liberal Studies, Visual Arts, Design & Applied Technology, Information and Communication Technology and Ethics & Religious Studies
Diploma in Creative Arts (A 3-year program): including the following modules: Design & Visual Communication, Film and Image, Performing Arts, Spatial Studies, Humanities, Practical English Language & Chinese Language
English as the medium of instruction : : HKDSE Subjects: English Language, Mathematics
Use either Chinese or English as the medium of instruction by class or by group : : -

Secondary One Admission, Orientation Activities & Healthy School Life Secondary One Admission, Orientation Activities & Healthy School Life
Secondary One Admission : Our school will not accept discretionary places. Our school will not participate in the Secondary School Places Allocation System through central allocation stage (Applicable for admission to S.1 in September 2021 ).
Orientation Activities and Healthy Life : S.1 will be available on 2021-21.
We will maintain close home-school cooperation, and invite parents to participate in the preparation and curriculum design. To create a healthier and trustworthy learning environment for students. Orientation will include pre-entry orientation, orientation week and parent orientation activities, so that they can better prepare and adapt to the HKSC school life.
School Characteristics School Characteristics
School Management
(1)School's Major Concerns : 1. Enhancement of the school's quality assurance management; Empowerment of teachers in strategic decision making.
2. Curriculum development and integration.
3. Reinforcement of school value and cultural education.
(2) School Management Organisation: : The development of the school is under the supervision of the SMC and school supervisor. HKSC has a bottom-up and flat organisation that both the teaching and non-teaching staff shoulder and contribute to the development of the school.

The daily operation of the school is coordinated by the "School Co-Create Team". The core team consists of the Principal, 1 Deputy Principals, 3 Assistant Principals and 12 experienced Leads.
(3) Incorporated Management Committee / School Management Committee / Management Committee: : The School Management Committee is composed of a group of renowned and dedicated members including Ms Ada Wong JP, Mr Marthias Woo, Prof. Roy Chung BBS, JP,Mr Wan Man-yee JP, Mr Danny Yung, Ms Chan Yuen Fun Donna, Mr Choi Hiu Fung, Dr Wong Kim Wing, Mr Chan Yuk Keung, Mr Lai Man Yiu.
(4) School Green Policy: : The school green policy aims to prepare students to be environmentally-friendly global citizens through environmental and sustainability education. To raise the energy awareness, the whole school adopts a series of energy-conscious activities that lead to more ecological and sustainable practices. The school excels in encouraging students to use waste and recycled materials to create artworks. This is to enhance their learning while conserving resources and empowering students to develop sustainable behaviors.
Learning and Teaching Plan
(1) Whole-school Language Policy: : Our medium of instruction is mainly Chinese (Cantonese) (except for English Language), with English and Mandarin as aid mediums.
(2) Learning and Teaching Strategies: : The direction of the designed curriculum is to nurture students through reading, exploring and applying their acquired knowledge and skills to enhance their ability to create. The school emphasizes independent and experiential learning which helps students apply their academic knowledge in everyday life. Through the creating process, students will acquire self-discipline, aesthetic concepts and fundamental skills, social and cultural awareness.

Students studying the 3-year senior secondary curriculum in HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity are to complete their foundational courses in Form Four, including Chinese, English, Humanities, and the four Creative Profession-Oriented Programs (CPOP) to attain the Diploma in Creative Arts (DCA) . After completing the required number of units in the first year, students will obtain the Certificate of Creative Arts (CCA).

In the second school year (Form Five), aside from specialising in one area in CPOP, students are to be streamed into the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE) or the Diploma in Creative Arts (DCA program), based on their preferred learning styles, further study goals and career prospects after discussions with their mentors.

From the school year 2021/22, besides Form four, the school will also admit students from Form one. The six-year School of Creativity secondary school life will enable the teenagers to experience a more complete holistic education in creativity, broaden their horizon, and lead to a more diverse development in the future. The 3-year junior secondary curriculum includes: “Basic Academic'', which includes most of the required subjects by EDB, to establish the students’ academic foundation; “Creative Basics” and “Everyday Life”, which are the school-based curricula that combined the school’s beliefs on creativity and everyday life, with the learning requirements from EDB.
(3) School-based Curriculum: : 1. Electives: 2X. The school provides five electives, Visual Arts, Design and Applied Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Chinese Literature and Ethics and Religious Studies.
2. Curriculum highlights: There are 3 main areas of study in Diploma in Creative Arts: Creative Arts, Humanities, Chinese and English Language.

Creative Arts include:
(1) Design and Visual Communication
(2) Film and Video Arts
(3) Performing Arts
(4) Spatial Studies
(4) Development of the Four Key Tasks: : Design, Art, Culture, Humanities.
(5) Life Planning Education: : The curriculum of Career and Life Planning includes education and mentoring, job shadowing and internship, as well as Professional Mentor Programme.

For details, please refer to the Chinese version.
Student Support
(1) Whole School Approach to Catering for Learner Diversity: : Different talents of the students are valued and they will be nurtured with numerous internship programmes outside school according to their individuality. Academically, students will be streamed into different ability groups in certain subjects to best fit teaching with students' capability.
(2) Whole School Approach to Integrated Education: : Our school provides after-school learning program for enhancing effective learning.
(4) Measures to provide adaptation for Learning and Assessment: : Through various types of assessment tools and feedback, both students and teachers can understand more about the progress of teaching and learning. That provides relevant information for curriculum adjustment.

We provide adequate public examination practices to students so that students can be familiar with the examination requirements and skills.
(5) Fee Remission : Our school offers fee remission. Please refer to our website for the Tuition Fee Remission Policy. Needy students, including those from families receiving the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) and students receiving financial assistance provided by the Student Financial Assistance Agency (SFAA) could apply for fee remission.
- Newly admitted students could apply for the school fee remission before 1 month(s) of commencement of the new school year. Application results will be announced within 2 month(s) after submission of applications.
- Please visit the web-link in our school’s website for details of school fee remission scheme, including the family income limits.
Home-school Co-operation and School Ethos
(1) Home-School Co-operation: : The support from family is a crucial factor for the development of teenagers. The school is collaborating with PTA to organise the following activities to help parents understand more about the school:
1. New parent's night gathering
2. New academic year parent's night gathering
3. Parent Night School
4. Prize presentation night and year end ceremony

We will also invite parents with art and culture experience or professional qualifications to be our guest lecturer.
(2) School Ethos: : With the targets of nurturing a school culture of self-discipline and active participation, classes have mentors who work toward the actualization of independent personality. Students are provided with abundant opportunities to open up new horizons, to stimulate their thinking and to explore into arts and life. These opportunities include Basic Literacy, Student Voice, Public Life Initiative, Public Free Time, Music Sharing, Cultural Day and Cultural Exchange.
Future Development
(1) School Development Plan: : 1. To develop the school to be a hub for art and culture, and provide platforms for the development of young artists.

2. To promote the school-based "Diploma in Creative Arts" to the creative industry and higher institutions, and explore multiple pathways for graduates.

3. To promote whole-person development and develop a curriculum that nurture citizenship in students.
(2) Teacher Professional Training and Development: : Teachers are encouraged to pursue professional development. The school actively organises various workshops to engage teaching members in appreciating and learning about art & culture, and in creating artworks.
Life-wide Learning (including Five Essential Learning Experiences to be provided through Key Learning Areas, Extra-curricular Activities, Co-curricular Activities, etc.) : Public Life Innovation (PLI)

PLI aims at promoting Moral and Civic Education through different types of activities such as art, sports, environmental protection, community services and other experiential courses. The school hopes to nurture students' activeness, imagination, responsibility and care for different communities.

Students can choose to participate in the activities prepared by teachers, organize new interest groups, clubs or societies under the guidance of teachers. Students can also organize activities for other students to participate. The goal of PLI is to establish well-constructed learning communities among peers.
Others : Scholarship
- Bright Future Creativity Scholarship
- Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Scholarship (Creative Arts Educations)
- Mr. and Mrs. TT Li Scholarship
- Rocco Design Architects Scholarship
- KL & K Creative Strategics Scholarship
- AWA Pam Kavanagh Scholarship
- Xu Beihong International Foundation Scholarship
- Ng Teng Fong Scholarship
- Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes for Senior Secondary School Students
- “Future Stars"- Upward Mobility Scholarship

Exchange programme
- Taipei National University of Arts Summer Camp
- Renaissance Foundation Summer Camp
- West Kowloon M+ Summer Camp
- Taiwan Chinese Literacy Study Tour
- Japan Eco-friendly Design Study Tour

Working Experience
- Student Helper (Theatre)
- Organizing Committee (Graduation Exhibition)
- Apprentice Program: Master Lung
- Backstage Internship
- 'Sound Pocket' Internship
- 'House of Hong Kong Literature" Internship
- Film Apprentice Program of various RTHK TV-Film
- Creative Arts Day Camp: Student Helper
- LegCo Election Program (CableTV): Student Assistant
- Mira x Mr. Doodle Art Program (2017)
- HKInDFF: Internship (Since 2018)
- HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week | Fashionally Fashion Show (2019)
- deTour Nxt Mentorship Programme (2019)

Open competitions
- Social Innovation Inventor - Competition for Innovative Design: Champion
- My Toy Design Competition
- HKSMSA Music Festival and Speech Festival
- YRock International Music Challenge
- "Green Hong Kong" Image Competition: Winner ("Key and Now")
- City Cultural Circle Short Film Competition (Tram): Winner (2018)
- Incubator for Film & Visual Media Awards (2009 - 2013) - Gold and Special Mention (Youth Category)
Direct public transportation to School : 5-min walk from Lok Fu MTR Station;
KMB 1, 7, 7B, 10, 11D, 11K, 75X, 85, 85A, 85B, 85C, 113.
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