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School Information.
HK & KLN Chiu Chow Public Assn. Sec. School
Address: 150 Sai Yee Street Mong Kok Kowloon
Phone:   23964187    Email:
Fax:   23944087    Website:

School Mission

Inheriting the Chiuchowese spirit of modesty and diligence, the School endeavors to educate its students to be good citizens who are patriotic, honorable, disciplined, knowledgeable and virtuous.

The school information is provided and vetted by schools. If further details are required. Please contact the school direct.
School Information School Information
District : Yau Tsim Mong
Other District(s) : Sham Shui Po, Kowloon City
Supervisor / Chairman of School Management Committee : Dr. Ma Kai Yum
Principal : Ms. Chan Shuk Ying (M.A., PGDE, B.Soc.Sc.)
School Type : Aided
Student Gender : Co-ed
School Size : About 5000 Sq. M
Sponsoring Body : HK & KLN Chiu Chow Public Association
Incorporated Management Committee been established : Established
Religion : Not Applicable
Year of Commencement of Operation : 1957
School Motto : Be virtuous, be knowledgeable
Parent-Teacher Association : Yes
Student Union / Association : Yes
Past Students’ Association / School Alumni Association : Yes
Chargeable Fees (2020/2021) Chargeable Fees (2020/2021)
  School Fee($) Tong Fai($)  
S1 - -  
S2 - -  
S3 - -  
S4 - $340  
S5 - $340  
S6 - $340  
Parent-Teacher Association Fee (Annual)($): $40  
Students' Association Membership Fee($): $15  
Approved Charges for non-standard items (Annual) ($): -  
Other Charges / Fees($): Fees for Specific Purposes: S.1-S.5: $310; S.6: $200  
School Facilities School Facilities
School Facilities: : Our school is equipped with 20 special rooms, like 2 multi-media learning centres, robotics room, dance room, instrument room and tennis court.
A large-scale of steamer, which can re-heat student lunchboxes for whole school, is installed to promote healthy eating habits.
Facility(ies) for Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs: : Our school has ramps only on the ground floor for students who have special needs.
Teaching Staff Information (Including School Head) Teaching Staff Information (Including School Head)
Number of teaching posts in the approved establishment: : 46
Total number of teachers in the school: : 53
Qualifications and Professional Training : Percentage of teaching staff (%)
Teacher Certificate / Diploma in Education : : 96%
Bachelor Degree: : 100%
Master / Doctorate Degree or above : : 46%
Special Education Training : : 34%
Working Experiences : Percentage of teaching staff (%)
0-4 years : : 15%
5-9 years : : 2%
10 years or above : : 83%
2020/2021 Class Structure 2020/2021 Class Structure
    No. of Classes
S1 : 3
S2 : 3
S3 : 3
S4 : 3
S5 : 3
S6 : 3
Subjects Offered Subjects Offered
Subjects Offered in 2020/2021 School Year : S.1 - S.3
Chinese as the medium of instruction : Chinese Language, Putonghua, Mathematics*, Science*, Geography, Economics, Computer Literacy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Education, (S.1) Life and Society (S.2 & S.3) Liberal Studies, Visual Arts, Music, Business Accounting and Financial Studies, Chinese History, History
English as the medium of instruction : English Language
Use either Chinese or English as the medium of instruction by class or by group :


Subjects Offered in 2020/2021 School Year : S.4 - S.6
Chinese as the medium of instruction : Chinese Language, Mathematics, Mathematics Extended Part (Module2), Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Information and Communication Technology, Chinese History, History, Geography, Economics, BAFS, Liberal Studies, Physical Education, (S.6) Tourism & Hospitality Studies, Visual Arts
English as the medium of instruction : English Language
Use either Chinese or English as the medium of instruction by class or by group :


Subjects to be Offered in 2021/2022 School Year : S.1 - S.3
Chinese as the medium of instruction : Chinese Language, Putonghua, Geography, Economics, History, Chinese History, Computer Literacy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Education, Life and Society/Liberal Studies, Visual Arts, Music, Business Accounting and Financial Studies
English as the medium of instruction : English Language
Use either Chinese or English as the medium of instruction by class or by group : Mathematics, Science
Subjects to be Offered in 2021/2022 School Year : S.4 - S.6
Chinese as the medium of instruction : Chinese Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Information and Communication Technology, Chinese History, History, Geography, Economics, BAFS, Liberal Studies, Physical Education, Visual Arts
English as the medium of instruction : English Language
Use either Chinese or English as the medium of instruction by class or by group : Mathematics, Mathematics Extended Part (Module 2)

*Subjects with extended learning activities (ELA) in English

Secondary One Admission, Orientation Activities & Healthy School Life Secondary One Admission, Orientation Activities & Healthy School Life
Secondary One Admission : Our school will accept discretionary places. Our school will participate in the Secondary School Places Allocation System through central allocation stage (Applicable for admission to S.1 in September 2021 ).Criteria and Weighting (All applicants are expected to attend an interview): 1. Exam results (according to the students' most recent report cards) 2. Discipline (according to the students' most recent report cards) 3. Extra-curricular Activities (according to the students' most recent report cards + Interview) 4. Interview (according to the assessment of interviewing teachers)
Orientation Activities and Healthy Life : A series of programs are held to help S.1 students adapt to secondary school life. These programs aim at raising students' motivation and nurturing a positive attitude to learning, so as to build a healthy and enjoyable school life.
1. S.1 Parents’ Day
2. English Enrichment Course (taught by NETs)
3. Summer Bridging Courses for core subjects (Chi, Eng, Math, LS)

To Learn from Chiuchowese spirit of perseverance, S.1 students will undergo various programs:
1. Perseverance Training Camp to boost students' concentration and nourish their persistence ad self-discipline;
2. Study Tours to Australia, Singapore and Mainland to enrich students' understanding of the learning environment there and the significance of perseverance.
School Characteristics School Characteristics
School Management
(1)School's Major Concerns : “Enriching learning atmosphere ; Uplifting student English proficiency ; Enhancing learning & teaching effectiveness”, “Upholding student positivity; Nurturing whole-person development”
(2) School Management Organisation : 1. Under the school-based management scheme, parents, teachers and alumni are represented on our Incorporated Management Committee and partake in discussing and devising school policies.
2. Self-evaluation is rigorously carried out. School's key concerns are based on the SWOT analysis and information gathered from the meetings of the School-based Management Committee, Personnel & Finance Committee and all other committees, as well as the data collected from Key Performance Measures, stakeholder surveys and assessment programs.
3. Teaching effectiveness and professional development is enhanced by self appraisals, joint preparation of lessons and peer observations.
(3) Incorporated Management Committee / School Management Committee / Management Committee : Our School practices school-based management, in which parents, teacher and alumni representatives are members of the School Management Committee and participate in the discussion of school policies. High accountability and quality school management can be guaranteed.
(4) School Green Policy : Our school adopts an eco-friendly policy. The school joins hands with staff and students to use resources effectively and reduce waste, e.g. to promoting an energy-efficient culture, starting from S.1, students adopt e-notice practice, so as to improve the environment and secure a sustainable development for our future generations.
Learning and Teaching Plan
(1) Whole-school Language Policy : In line with the refined NSS language policy, steps are taken to enhance students' language proficiency. Extra resources are devoted to boosting the learning of both English Language and Chinese Language in forms of after-school oral practice, speech festival, verse-speaking and drama competition, From 2021-22, one class/group of S.1 Maths and Science will be taught in English. Extended English learning activities are organized cross-curricular with junior-form subjects, except Chinese History, Chinese Language, and Putonghua. Every effort is made to create an English-rich learning ambiance and strengthen students' language proficiency, as exemplified from subsidizing more students for language programs like English WeCan (EdUHK) and overseas English study tours. To maximize study and career opportunities, S.6 students are subsidized for various mock examinations.
(2) Learning and Teaching Strategies : Learning Strategies:
1. Learner-centered teaching. S.1 & S.2 Lunchtime English Read-aloud Program. S.1 After-school English Reading Buddy Program, in which a teacher leads not more than 10 students for a reading session. 2. Engage multi-modal diversified learning through project learning. 3. Conduct After-school tutorials, Saturday English Courses, Language Enhancement Classes, S.1 Homework Guidance Classes, Academic Growth Classes, and Pre-exam Study Groups, to cater for learning diversity. 4. Organize academic weeks to promote intellectual exchange between school departments, to exhibit student work and introduce subject-based fun trivia. 5. Encourage note-taking and pre-lesson preparation to nurture positive learning attitude. 6. Organize weekly continuous assessment to evaluate learning progress regularly as well as help establish revision routine.
Teaching Strategies:
1. Oral Practice Sessions with NETs to sharpen English fluency. 2. Junior Form Curricula are enhanced and school-based materials are devised to cater to students of different abilities and to bridge the junior and senior form curricula. 3. Small-group teaching according to students' language proficiency is introduced in both language subjects to cater for learning diversity. 4. Reading is promoted through the Extensive Reading Award Scheme and Online Reading Programmes. Students are awarded in various Reading Report Competitions and Book Cover Design Competitions. 5. Working collaboratively with peer schools, ‘Joint-school (Chinese Language, English Language) Oral Practices’ are organized to strengthen senior-form students’ group interaction skills and public exam techniques. This also helps them better prepare for the HKDSE and get good results. 6. Junior-form Subject Life and Society to sharpen students' analytical skills and Morning Reading Sessions to further develop students’ reading habits.
(3) School-based Curriculum : 1. Electives: 2X. Please refer to
2. Curriculum highlights: To ensure students a wide exposure to English Language, cross-curricular extended English learning activities are organized with junior-form subjects, except Chinese History, Chinese Language and Putonghua.
(4) Development of the Four Key Tasks : 1. Ethics and Civic Education is promoted through year-round activities. Project Learning is implemented in Liberal Studies in senior forms.
2. Other Learning Experiences (OLE) makes up part of students’ learning portfolios.
3. Students are taught with various IT skills like Chinese word-processing, Office application software and multi-media and film editing skills.
4. STEM Education Team is newly formed to hold various fun-filled science contests, Inter-school Robocon and Robotics competitions and workshops to enrich junior-form students’ understanding in the science and technology education.
5. Classrooms are equipped with mobile devices (Apple TV) and 70-ish tablets for online teaching and learning.
(5) Life Planning Education : 1. Help students understand their own interests, academic orientation and explore career fields and to guide students towards life planning step by step through various activities and talks.
2. Offer individual and group counseling, in order to provide students with the latest information on further studies and employment.
3. Career Guidance Team organizes ‘Life-planning Week’, inviting alumni and outstanding leaders to school to share latest information from different sectors in a hope that students get insights to set personal goals and have a better life-planning.
4. Hold study exchange tours and pay visits to overseas universities and tertiary institutes to boost exposure and explore opportunities.
5. Set up 'Dream-catcher Fund' to support students to fulfill their dreams and life goals through tailored action plans.
Student Support
(1) Whole School Approach to Catering for Learner Diversity : 1. Small-group teaching, provide both in-class and after-school support.
2. School-based after-school learning and supporting scheme/Healthy School Program:
2a. Clubs/Interest Groups: Latte Art, Hairstyling, Balloon Art, Sliver Clay DIY, Magic, Woolen Doll-making, Dessert-making, 3D Origami, Rubber Stamp-carving, Lantern-making, Candle-making, etc.
2b. Inclusion activities: ‘Dialogue in the dark’, ‘Escape from Hong Kong’, ‘Silent Amazing Race’, etc.
3. Speech Therapy, Chinese/English Reading and Writing Workshop, Social and Communication skill and Resilience Workshop, etc.
4. Adaptation Plan for Newly-arrived children from the Mainland:
4a. English Course, Cantonese Course, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese Writing Course.
4b. Adaptation Activities: camping and visits to museums, universities and theme parks, etc.
4c. Volunteering training and visits to NGOs and social welfare groups, etc.
(2) Whole School Approach to Integrated Education : Student Development Task force provides comprehensive assistance to all students. With tailor-made learning targets, Individual Education Plans (IEP) are regularly conducted for SEN students. Extra manpower, assistant counselor and assistant teacher (AT), is allocated to facilitate co-teaching and group/individual counseling sessions. External resources and training sessions may also apply when necessary.
(3) Education Support for Non-Chinese Speaking(NCS) Students : Our school provides additional support for NCS students to facilitate their learning of Chinese: providing after-school support programmes in learning Chinese; appointing additional teacher(s)/teaching assistant(s) to support NCS students’ learning of Chinese; and organising cultural integration activities.
(4) Measures to provide adaptation for Learning and Assessment : 1. Students’ academic performance is evaluated through assignments, quizzes, uniform tests, exams and projects.
2. Evaluation is also done through continuous assessment.
3. Prior to test/exam periods, Revision Week is introduced in which students form study groups with teachers.
Home-school Co-operation and School Ethos
(1) Home-School Co-operation : PTA organizes various activities regularly, such as parent-child workshops and picnic, so as to strengthen home-school cooperation.
(2) School Ethos : Develop a caring culture of “Discipline with love, Embrace holistic growth”.
1. Offer Life Education lessons to instill positive qualities like responsibility, discipline, respectfulness, etc.;
2. Encourage students to participate in volunteering;
3. Co-organize festive activities with non profit-making organizations, and welcome the public to visit our school campus, so as to let students learn ‘it is more blessed to give than to take’ and nurture a caring social mindset through volunteering;
4. Hold celebrations, dessert-making workshops etc. regularly for teachers and students to establish an enjoyable school life;
5. Assign two class teachers to all S.1 to S.5 classes;
6. Keep S.1 & S.2 students at school for lunch to develop their self-discipline and independence;
7. Organize talks and activities with The Parent-Teacher Association, Student Union and School Alumni Association to strengthen ties with school, parents and alumni;
8. Hold activities, counseling sessions and individual help to uphold student positive values;
9. Initiate the Self-enhancement Scheme to improve students' conduct;
10. Introduce life-planning to help students set personal goals, develop positive habits, realize own capabilities, and better equip for challenges.
Future Development
(1) School Development Plan : Teachers’ Development Day will be conducted regularly to foster the direction for future development: “Strengthening the professional training for teachers; enhancing the effectiveness of teaching and learning”, “Optimizing Life Planning” and “Developing a culture of discipline with love”.
(2) Teacher Professional Training and Development : 1. Enhance the learning and teaching through collaboration with universities and tertiary education institutes.
2. The number of hours logged by teachers in in-service training and courses exceeds EDB's suggested figure.
Life-wide Learning (including Five Essential Learning Experiences to be provided through Key Learning Areas, Extra-curricular Activities, Co-curricular Activities, etc.) : Alongside the Student Union and 4 Houses, we have over 30 clubs and societies under the areas of Service, Academics, Physical Education and Recreations. Students are subsidized for various activities and competitions to exhibit their talents and to boost their confidence. Co-curricular activities enable our students to learn and be exposed to subjects and issues outside the classroom.
Non-academic achievements are highly valued at school.
1. 2019 Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition:
High Distinction - 4, Distinction - 6, Credit - 8, Proficiency - 2
2. 2020 Asia Pacific Cup International Mathematics Invitational Preliminary Competition:
First Prize – 1, Second Prize – 3, Third Prize – 10, Merit - 7
3. 72nd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival:
1st Runner-up – 2, 2nd Runner-up – 3, Proficiency – 6, Merit - 12
4. Double Dutch Contest Shanghai Volume 6:
Second Prize – 1, Third Prize -1
5. 2020 Stories on Stage’ Script Writing Competition:
First Prize -1 ; Merit – 1
6. The 26th Hong Kong Inter-School Dragon and Lion Dance Competition
Secondary school lion dance optional equipment array category - The champion (2019) Champion
7. Speak Out / Act Up - Improvisational Drama Competition Silver winner
8. The Fourth Hong Kong Inter-school Jump Rope Championship 5 Gold winner, 9 Silver winner, 3 Bronze winner
9. World Educational Robot Contest (HK) Champion, Silver winner
Others : Increase inter-school visits and community services to allow students to meet people from different walks of life, broaden their horizons and serve the community.
Direct public transportation to School : MTR: Mong Kok East Station Exit C, D; Prince Edward Station Exit B2; Mongkok Station Exit B2;
Bus: 1, 1A, 104, 2C, 203, 24, 41, 44, 44P, 58X, 59X, 67X, 93K.
Remarks : Extended English learning activities are organized with junior-form subjects, except Chinese History, Chinese Language, and Putonghua. Every effort is made to create an English-rich learning ambiance.
School Map School Map
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    School Building
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