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Kiangsu - Chekiang College (Kwai Chung)
Address: 83 Hing Shing Road Kwai Chung
Phone:   24202103    Email:
Fax:   24250500    Website:

School Mission

Our aims are to provide a holistic education through classroom learning and co-curricular activities, and to help student develop their conscience, potential and self-motivated learning. We place equal emphasis upon students’ moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development. We are committed to broaden students’ exposure and nurture them with proper attitudes and values.

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School Information School Information
District : Kwai Tsing
Other District(s) : Sham Shui Po, Tsuen Wan, Islands
Supervisor / Chairman of School Management Committee : Mr. FAN YAN HOK
Principal (with Qualifications / Experiences) : Dr. LEUNG KIN MAN (B.Sc., Dip.Ed., Dip. Psy., M.Ed. (Counseling), M.Ed.(TESOL), M.A. (SIL), Ed.D.)
School Type : Aided
Student Gender : Co-ed
Area Occupied by the School : About 5000 Sq. M
Name of Sponsoring Body : Kiangsu-Chekiang & Shanghai Residents (H.K.) Association
Incorporated Management Committee : Established
Religion : Not Applicable
Year of Commencement of Operation : 1982
School Motto : Orderly and Respectful
Parent-Teacher Association : Yes
Student Union / Association : Yes
Past Students’ Association / School Alumni Association : Yes
Chargeable Fees (2021/2022) Chargeable Fees (2021/2022)
  School Fee ($) Tong Fai ($)  
S1 - -  
S2 - -  
S3 - -  
S4 - $310  
S5 - $310  
S6 - $310  
Parent-Teacher Association Fee (Annual) ($): $40  
Student Union / Association Fee ($): $20  
Approved Charges for non-standard items (Annual) ($): -  
Other Charges / Fees ($): House Fee: $20  
School Facilities School Facilities
School Facilities: : Covered Playground, Basketball Court, Volleyball Court, Music Room, Student Activity Center, Library, Computer Room, Multi-media Learning Center, Biology Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory, Physical Laboratory, Integrated Science Laboratory, Multi-purposed Activity Area, Art Room, Geography Room, Home Economics Room, Design and Technology Room, Student Canteen, School Hall and Campus TV. All F.1 classrooms have installed interactive whiteboard.
Facility(ies) for Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs: : Accessible toilet.
Teaching Staff Information (including School Head) in the 2021/2022 School Year Teaching Staff Information (including School Head) in the 2021/2022 School Year
Number of teaching posts in the approved establishment: : 57
Total number of teachers in the school: : 60
Qualifications and professional training : Percentage of teaching staff (%)
Teacher Certificate / Diploma in Education : : 95%
Bachelor Degree: : 100%
Master / Doctorate Degree or above : : 42%
Special Education Training : : 54%
Years of Experience : Percentage of teaching staff (%)
0-4 years : : 13%
5-9 years : : 13%
10 years or above : : 74%
2021/2022 Class Structure 2021/2022 Class Structure
    No. of Classes
S1 : 4
S2 : 4
S3 : 4
S4 : 4
S5 : 4
S6 : 4
Subjects Offered Subjects Offered
Subjects Offered in 2021/2022 School Year : S.1 - S.3
Chinese as the medium of instruction : Chinese Language, Chinese History, History (F.2 & F.3)*, Geography*, Computer Literacy*, Life and Society*, Technology and Living*, Putonghua, Music*, Physical Education*, Design and Technology*, Arts and Design*
English as the medium of instruction : English Language, Integrated Science (F.1 and F.2), Integrated Science (F.3: Biology, Physics, Chemistry)
Adopt a different medium of instruction by class or by group / school-based curriculum : Mathematics*
Subjects Offered in 2021/2022 School Year : S.4 - S.6
Chinese as the medium of instruction : Chinese Language, Mathematics (M1), Citizenship and Social Development (F.4), Liberal Studies (F.5, F.6), Chinese History, History, Geography, Economics, Physics, Information and Communication Technology, Health Management and Social Care, Visual Arts & Physical Education
English as the medium of instruction : English Language, Mathematics (M2), Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (Accounting), Chemistry
Adopt a different medium of instruction by class or by group / school-based curriculum : Mathematics, Biology
Subjects to be Offered in 2022/2023 School Year : S.1 - S.3
Chinese as the medium of instruction : Chinese Language, Chinese History, History (F.2 & F.3)*, Geography*, Computer Literacy*, Life and Society*, Technology and Living*, Putonghua, Music*, Physical Education*, Design and Technology*, Arts and Design*
English as the medium of instruction : English Language, Integrated Science (F.1 & F.2), Integrated Science (F.3: Biology, Physics, Chemistry)
Adopt a different medium of instruction by class or by group / school-based curriculum : Mathematics*
Subjects to be Offered in 2022/2023 School Year : S.4 - S.6
Chinese as the medium of instruction : Chinese Language, Mathematics, Mathematics (M1), Citizenship and Social Development (S.4, S.5), Liberal Studies (S.6), Chinese History, History, Geography, Economics, Physics, Information and Communication Technology, Health Management and Social Care, Visual Arts & Physical Education
English as the medium of instruction : English Language, Mathematics (M2), Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (Accounting), Physics, Chemistry
Adopt a different medium of instruction by class or by group / school-based curriculum : Mathematics, Biology

*Subjects with extended learning activities (ELA) in English

Secondary One Admission, Orientation Activities & Healthy School Life Secondary One Admission, Orientation Activities & Healthy School Life
Secondary One Admission : Our school will accept discretionary places. Our school will participate in the Secondary School Places Allocation System through central allocation stage (Applicable for admission to S.1 in September 2022 ).1. Academic Achievements: Academic result: 25%; Conduct: 15%; Extra-curricular activities and special talent: 10% 2. Interview Performances: Comprehension & Analytical Skills: 25%; Communication Skills: 20%; Attitude: 5%
Orientation Activities and Healthy Life : An orientation Program for F.1 is held every summer to brief newcomers and their parents on the school's latest development and policy. To help new students to adapt to our secondary school life as soon as possible, we offer English and Mathematics summer courses in the form of small-group learning. All these courses are run by our teachers aiming at upgrading students’ academic level. Moreover, a two-day Orientation Camp will be held for all upcoming F.1 students in the summer holiday, helping them adapt to the secondary school life and building up a spirit of self-discipline and cooperation. All F.1 students are encouraged to join the 'Student Health Service Scheme'. Our school also subsidizes students and teachers to receive immune injection. Throughout the year, the school disseminates healthy messages to students by means of formal and informal curricula.
School Characteristics School Characteristics
School Management
(1)School's Major Concerns : 1. To foster the learning and teaching effectiveness by cultivating students’ initiative learning attitude.
2. To nurture students’ all-round development.
(2) School Management Organisation : With the implementation of School-based management system, our main executive bodies include the Incorporated Management Committee, the School Administrative Committee and various subject panels and working committees. To provide a high quality of education, our School Perfect Commission holds regular meeting to evaluate our development.
(3) Incorporated Management Committee / School Management Committee / Management Committee : Incorporated Management Committee was set up in September 2012, composing of representatives from our sponsoring body, elected representatives from the Parents Association and the Alumni Association, teaching staff of the school, independent representative and our School Principal.
(4) School Green Policy : Our environmental education has long been integrated into various formal curricula. Various subject panels and committees always work together with our Environmental Education Group in organizing conservation programmes for our students. Every year, activities, like Environmental Protection School Picnic, Seminar, Visit, Cleaning School Campus, Recycle Programme and Planting, etc will be arranged. We always seek for external resources, such as Green Campus Subsidy, 'The Sustainable Development School Award Programme' and 'Environmental Protection Ambassador Programme', etc. to reinforce our Green School Policy.
Learning and Teaching Plan
(1) Whole-school Language Policy : Our school adopts Putonghua as the medium of instruction for Chinese Language. Our school also empathizes the importance of learning English, more English teachers, including two additional local NETs are recruited. To attain the idea of 'biliteracy and trilingualism', measures like after school, Saturday and Summer English Enrichment courses were adopted. English Morning Assembly, Saturday English Day Camp and English Week are arranged for our students. The school also prepares a lot of English extra-curricular activities for our students, like English Musical Club, Christmas English Songs inter-class competition, Halloween Carnival, etc. With a happy learning atmosphere, students could enhance their English learning motivation and capability more easily. Besides English, Integrated Science (F.1 & F.2), Biology (F.3), Physics (F.3), Chemistry (F.3), Senior form Mathematics (M2), BAFS and Chemistry have adopted English as their MOI, Mathematics also adopt English as their MOI in selected F.1 to F.5 classes.
(2) Learning and Teaching Strategies : Students' intellectual development and discipline are our prime concern. Our 'Awards and Penalties System' encourages students to be proactive in study and be an upright man. Large-scale activities like Reading Scheme provide students with life-wide learning opportunities. Academic weeks and tutorial classes nurture students to be good in Chinese and English as well as in arts and science. Life & Society are offered in Junior Form to cope with the need of the development of NSS curriculum and students' needs. In Form 4 to 6, English, Chinese, Mathematics and Citizenship and Social Development/Liberal Studies classes will be split into small groups to enhance teaching quality. A whole-school approach Reading Scheme, including two morning reading periods, is launched to encourage extensive reading.
(3) School-based Curriculum : 1. Electives: 2X and 3X. F.4 students can choose 2 or 3 electives, Mathematics Extended Part Module 1/Module 2 or HKDSE Category C: Japanese.
2. Curriculum highlights: Our school will continue the development and implementation of school-based English curriculum, aiming at fostering a better English learning environment for our students and the enhancement of our students’ English ability. Moreover, to cater for the need of 'Learning Diversity', our school has joined the 'Self-Directed Learning in Science with e-learning Support for Learner Diversity and Smooth Primary-Secondary Transition' offered by the Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong, aiming at developing a school-based curriculum for those students who are in need. In the course of curriculum development, two school-based curricula - Computer Literacy and Integrated Science are offered in the junior forms.
(4) Development of the Four Key Tasks : Our Reading Scheme requires every student to accomplish a number of external readers each year. With the help of various activities, good book recommendation, famous author talk, etc., our students have obvious improvement in their reading performance. With the installation of computers & LCD projectors and interactive whiteboards in every classroom and every F.1 classroom respectively, teachers are able to conduct interactive learning more efficiently. The learning skills of project-learning have been infiltrated in all subjects. Now, we are trying to optimize our English learning environment, hoping that every student could attain level 3 or above in the HKDSE English examination. Our Moral Education Team and Civic Education Team are responsible in promoting relevant activities to students. Every year, various activities, such as inter-house debate, seminars and exhibitions are held for students, aiming at a systematic learning of current issues.
(5) Life Planning Education : Our Career Guidance Team has developed a holistic plan including organizing career-related activities, such as career talks, workshops and mentorship schemes, incorporating life planning education into school curriculum and developing school-based career education curriculum. We hope to provide students with wide and responsible career choices in accordance to their interests, abilities and orientations and can continue with their life-long career development. Besides, we have set up the Career Prefects. We hope to promote further education and employment information through the peer exchange of students.
Student Support
(1) Whole School Approach to Catering for Learner Diversity : Our school has the tradition of organizing various kind of extracurricular activities to students, from participating inter-school Dancing Competitions to Rugby Competitions, hoping that students have the opportunity to fully use their talent and potential. Not only did the remarkable performance of our students allowed them to win a lot of prizes, but also helped them build up self-confidence. We also provide different kinds of support to students with different needs and abilities. We offer small group teaching with peer group support in learning and counseling to help students achieve better academic performance. Language therapy will be introduced to help students with language barrier at an early stage. Extracurricular activities including drumming, martial art, magic shows and adventure trainings are organized to help students learn through experience so as to be more confident, expressive, and effective in communication. Our school will support students with special education needs, including extended examination time and enlarged prints, etc.
(2) Whole School Approach to Integrated Education : Besides the Gifted Education Programme and the 'Catering for Learner Differences' programmes, the school also supports a variety of activities, such as '3D Printing Workshop', 'Career planning board games', etc., to enable students with learning difficulties to cultivate their interest and enhance their confidence in learning. Moreover, lectures such as 'Understanding of Guide Dogs' help students' understand people with disabilities more and build up a culture of mutual respect and appreciation. The Student Support Team works with various subject panels and working teams in providing a wide range of support services, such as small group teaching; 'LEGO workshops' and 'Board game workshops'; speech therapy services, social and emotional management training groups, test time extension, magnifying text, etc. The school regularly communicates with parents and provides individual study plans for students in needs and actively listens to parents' opinions aiming at building up a harmonious learning culture.
(3) Education Support for Non-Chinese Speaking(NCS) Students : Our school provides additional support for NCS students to facilitate their learning of Chinese: appointing additional teacher(s)/teaching assistant(s) to support NCS students’ learning of Chinese; and organising cultural integration activities. 1. Employ a part-time tutor to provide after-school Chinese tutorial lesson for those students in need. 2. Buy teaching resources to help non-Chinese speaking students.
(4) Measures to provide adaptation for Learning and Assessment : A continuous assessment system is adopted to reflect students' progress. Daily marks account for 40% while examination marks weight only 60% of the grand total.
Home-school Co-operation and School Ethos
(1) Home-School Co-operation : Our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) always works closely with the school. We work together to create a nice learning environment for the students and an ethos of being loving and serving. PTA is also an important platform for parents to share the experience in their course of upbringing their children. Through the activities of Voluntary Services, Seminars, Workshops and Career Talks, we share our knowledge about personal growth of the youths, methods to promote understanding between parents and the kids, how to deal with academic pressure and how to have life planning. The annual Parent-Teachers Relay on the Sports Day not only brings parents and teachers closer, but also provides a chance for the parents to feel personally the team spirits and the sense of devotion of the students. Activities organized by PTA such as 'Lantern Festival Night', 'Used Books Trade Fair' and Students Sponsorships are highly regarded as successful events that exemplify the spirit of mutual support and cooperation of PTA.

The school attaches great importance to the development of English. In addition to the special funding provided by the school management committee, the school employs two more native English teachers to create a more favorable English learning environment. The Parent-Teacher Association also set up a number of awards to encourage students to learn English in a relaxed atmosphere.
(2) School Ethos : Our school emphasizes the importance of ethics. We nurture our students by developing the values of self-respect, self-discipline, self-confidence, love and serving. Through class/form/school-based activities, they build not only positive values and attitudes, but also the values of paying respect, responsibility, positive mentality and the ability to face challenges and pressure.

Our school fosters students to take responsibility and be a serving citizen. Moral & Civic activities and leadership trainings are organized so as to enhance their abilities of collaboration, communication and problem-solving. We organize fun fairs to help them learn positive mentality with experiences shared by student leaders.

In harmony with Whole Person Development and Life-wide Learning, we promote Stars of the Month and various reward programs which help students develop spirit of self-improvement. Students participate in extra-curricular activities so that they can learn by involvement and get support from fellow students. Adventure Ship, Adventure Training and Public Services are programs aiming to develop their self-confidence, communication skills, and the willingness to serve others. Study tours are organized periodically, which includes visit to our sister school Shanghai Nanyang Model Secondary School. Such trips broaden students’ horizons and change their learning attitude.
Future Development
(1) School Development Plan : Our school spares no effort to help students strive for proficiency both in English and Chinese. The Campus TV creates an excellent bilingual environment in school. Students have ample opportunities to learn and practise English/Putonghua in daily assembly by speaking to the public about particular subjects or their personal feelings. Our students are active in inter-school English/Chinese oral practices and participate in English Day Camps along with Elite Language Classes in long vacations. We organize overseas study tours regularly for students and special English enhancement courses for junior forms. Students are also encouraged to join in-house or inter-school public speaking competitions that may be in English or in Putonghua. All these are concerted efforts aiming at improving the language competence of our students.

We are currently in a knowledge based society and we endeavour to achieve continuous improvement on teaching efficacy by the following actions.
1. Promotion of diverse teaching approach. For examples, learning through mini-drama, BYOD learning and various subject-based exhibitions.
2. Enhancement of innovative education. Apart from striving the 'IT Innovation Lab in Secondary Schools', our school also participates the STEM school-based support service provided by the EDB.
3. Nurture of active learners. Through participation in projects of life planning, invitation of elites from different sectors to share their experience and visits to prominent companies and institutions, we help our students think about their future, whether they want to pursue higher academic qualifications or to enter the job market. Learning-skill classes are also provided to enhance learning efficiency.
4. Moral education. An encouraging and gratifying atmosphere in school will be critical to students’ character building. Students learn their moral lessons through discussions of social issues and moral cases as well as participation in day camps and other activities about making friends and anti-gambling. Our students shall learn to be an upright person with good manners, self-discipline, integrity and sense of justice, being caring, loving and helpful to others.
(2) Teacher Professional Training and Development : Every year the school will arrange at least three 'Staff Development Day' with topics related to our key areas of development identified for that particular year.
Life-wide Learning (including Five Essential Learning Experiences to be provided through Key Learning Areas, Extra-curricular Activities, Co-curricular Activities, etc.) : To promote an all-round education and develop leadership qualities, we place great emphasis on extra-curricular activities. Besides the Four Houses and Student Union, we have 30 extra-curricular activity clubs/societies under five categories: Academic, Interest, Music, Sports and Community Service. To stretch students' potential, most activities of the clubs/societies are run by students. OLE Days are held for F.1-F.6 students which allow students to learn through a wide range of activities. These activities together with those organized under other learning experiences help foster and reinforce students' whole person development. Students are strongly encouraged by the school to participate in external competitions of different kinds. Debate Teams, Rugby Teams, Judo Teams and Robot Club, participate actively in the inter-school matches and get amazing results in the inter-school competitions.
Others : Our School Management Board has established 19 scholarships to encourage students a better performance in both academic and non-academic field. Our Parents and Teachers Association also set up awards to encourage students to learn more actively and strive for improvement.

Our school has put much effort in nourishing students’ multiple learning ability and has won many awards in the last few years.

To expose our students’ mind, our school organizes cultural exchange programmes for students regularly, for example, arranging exchange tour with our sister school in Shanghai.

To encourage students to go out and exchange, so as to experience different customs and cultures and broaden their knowledge.
Direct public transportation to School : MTR: Kwai Fong or Kwai Hing;
Bus: 30, 32H, 33A, 37, 38, 43, 43A, 43D, 44M, 47X;
Minibus: 87, 87K, 89M, 94, 313, 407.
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School Map School Map
  • School Campus
    School Campus
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    Musical Performance during lunch break
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    Marching Band at the Sports Days' Opening Ceremony
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