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Buddhist Wai Yan Memorial College
Address: 25 Tai Hing Tai Road Cheung Chau
Phone:   29810188    Email:
Fax:   29819467    Website:

School Mission

Our school puts in our continuous effort in the education of Buddhist rituals, which centers on the nourishment of self-discipline and self-esteem; as well as the civic responsibility of our students. We firmly believe that students will improve steadily through learning. We are committed to foster Buddhist learning so as to realize equality in wisdom and the spirit of compassion towards others. We are also dedicated to nurture students' development through love and care.

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School Information School Information
District : Islands
Other District(s) :
Supervisor / Chairman of School Management Committee : Rev. Sik Yin Chi
Principal (with Qualifications / Experiences) : Dr. Lee Cheuk Hing [EdD, MEd, BEd(HKU)]
School Type : Aided
Student Gender : Co-ed
Area Occupied by the School : About 6500 Sq. M
Name of Sponsoring Body : Hong Kong Buddhist Association
Incorporated Management Committee : Established
Religion : Buddhism
Year of Commencement of Operation : 1987
School Motto : Mankind should understand the concept of equal status and wisdon for all living beings and treat others including other living creatures with compassion.
Parent-Teacher Association : Yes
Student Union / Association : Yes
Past Students’ Association / School Alumni Association : Yes
Chargeable Fees (2021/2022) Chargeable Fees (2021/2022)
  School Fee ($) Tong Fai ($)  
S1 - -  
S2 - -  
S3 - -  
S4 - -  
S5 - -  
S6 - $340  
Parent-Teacher Association Fee (Annual) ($): -  
Student Union / Association Fee ($): -  
Approved Charges for non-standard items (Annual) ($): $300 (S.3), $220 (S.6) (School Repairs and Renovation)  
Other Charges / Fees ($): -  
School Facilities School Facilities
School Facilities: : The school is well-equipped with modern facilities and equipment including: 2 Computer rooms, 12 Special rooms, English Cafe, MMLC, Band Practice Room, Student Activity Centre, Distance Learning Classroom, Campus TV, Meditation room, Covered Playground, Basketball Court and Lift.
Facility(ies) for Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs: : Accessible lift.
Teaching Staff Information (including School Head) in the 2021/2022 School Year Teaching Staff Information (including School Head) in the 2021/2022 School Year
Number of teaching posts in the approved establishment: : 11
Total number of teachers in the school: : 16
Qualifications and professional training : Percentage of teaching staff (%)
Teacher Certificate / Diploma in Education : : 100%
Bachelor Degree: : 38%
Master / Doctorate Degree or above : : 62%
Special Education Training : : 38%
Years of Experience : Percentage of teaching staff (%)
0-4 years : : 18%
5-9 years : : 13%
10 years or above : : 69%
2021/2022 Class Structure 2021/2022 Class Structure
    No. of Classes
S1 :
S2 :
S3 : 1
S4 :
S5 :
S6 : 1
Subjects Offered Subjects Offered
Subjects Offered in 2021/2022 School Year : S.1 - S.3
Chinese as the medium of instruction : Chinese Language, Mathematics, Sciences, Computer Literacy, Chinese History, Integrated Humanities, Putonghua, Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education, Buddhist Moral Values Education
English as the medium of instruction : English Language
Adopt a different medium of instruction by class or by group / school-based curriculum : -
Subjects Offered in 2021/2022 School Year : S.4 - S.6
Chinese as the medium of instruction : Chinese Language, Mathematics, Liberal Studies (S.6), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Chinese History, Economics, Combined Science, Ethics and Religious Studies, Information and Communication Technology, Visual Arts, Business, Accounting & Financial Studies, Buddhist Studies, Physical Education, History, (Tourism and Hospitality Studies)#

#Cluster Schools programme
English as the medium of instruction : English Language
Adopt a different medium of instruction by class or by group / school-based curriculum : -
Subjects to be Offered in 2022/2023 School Year : S.1 - S.3
Chinese as the medium of instruction : -
English as the medium of instruction : -
Adopt a different medium of instruction by class or by group / school-based curriculum : -
Subjects to be Offered in 2022/2023 School Year : S.4 - S.6
Chinese as the medium of instruction : -
English as the medium of instruction : -
Adopt a different medium of instruction by class or by group / school-based curriculum : -

Secondary One Admission, Orientation Activities & Healthy School Life Secondary One Admission, Orientation Activities & Healthy School Life
Secondary One Admission : Our school will not accept discretionary places. Our school will not participate in the Secondary School Places Allocation System through central allocation stage (Applicable for admission to S.1 in September 2022 ).
Orientation Activities and Healthy Life : Nil
School Characteristics School Characteristics
School Management
(1)School's Major Concerns : 1. To boost the effectiveness of teaching and learning and to encourage innovation.
2. To enchance whole-person development and to facilitate life planning.
3. To improve the school's overall development and to promote a positive school image.
(2) School Management Organisation : The school implements the School-based Management System and sets up various departments, committees, sections and functional groups to coordinate the formidable tasks of school administration and curriculum planning, teaching and learning, students' cultivation and growth, school development and support students' discipline and guidance, moral and civic education, extra-curricular activities, further studies and Career Guidance. The Parent-Teacher Association works closely with the school to promote parental education and achieve mutual cooperation and communication.
(3) Incorporated Management Committee / School Management Committee / Management Committee : It was set up in the 2008-09 school year.
(4) School Green Policy : The School actively promotes environmental protection and conservation education through the establishment of Green Environmental Education Group. We have organized various activities, including the "Day without Air-conditioning", Recycling of Waste Paper, Organic Farming, Environmentally Friendly Vegetarian Banquet, Secondhand Textbook Sale and others.
Learning and Teaching Plan
(1) Whole-school Language Policy : The School strives to enhance students ‘bi-literate and tri-lingual’ competence. We adopt Chinese as the medium of instruction aiming at promoting students motivation and teaching effectiveness. All subjects, except English and Putonghua, are taught in Chinese across S.3 and S.6 levels. For lifting up students English standard, special programmes are being implemented which include: school-based junior form English curriculum, EDB’s English Enhancement Scheme (EES). In-line with the Government’s Fine-tuned Language Policy, the School also conducts English extension activities and Cross-subject Glossary with several subjects.
(2) Learning and Teaching Strategies : Our school adopts all-round and diversified learning and teaching strategies to unleash every students’ full potential in academics. Being one of the school’s key development fields, STEM Education stimulates students’ creativity and encourages students to facilitate their innovation of science and technology in real-life context. The Meditation Room offers a tranquil environment for students to reinforce their concentration, thus to further refine their efficiency of their studies. The Campus TV is equipped with professional and systematic shooting and broadcasting facilities. The culture of Shared Lesson Planning and Peer Lesson Observation has been established. To cater for learners differences and diversities, we conduct enhancement and remedial classes in English, Chinese and Mathematics, Liberal Studies for S.1 to S.6 students. For the senior form students, the School offers scholarship and subject awards for those who excel in their studies. In accordance with the principle of All-round Development, the School offers multi-facet curricula to cater for students' interests and abilities. In addition, to widen students' perspective and their learning experience, the Life-wide Learning Experience Day and S.5 Cross Border Excursion Tour are held each year.
(3) School-based Curriculum : 1. Electives: 2X and 3X. Offers 12 different subjects, History and Tourism and Hospitality Studies are cluster schools programme with Buddhist Wong Fung Ling College.
2. Curriculum highlights: Our school has structured a series of experiential learning for our students, in the hope that they can acquire and appreciate the learning of intangible cultural elements.
(4) Development of the Four Key Tasks : The School places much emphasis on the implementation of the Four Key Tasks, namely Reading to learn, Moral and Civic Education, Project Learning and IT for Interactive Learning. The school adopts a whole school approach to promoting Morning Reading Session, which is scheduled for 20 minutes each 3 days per week. All subject areas have their own Theme Based Reading.
Regarding the Moral and Civic Education, all subjects work closely with the Moral and Civic Education Committee, and have included elements of the Moral and Civic Education in the teaching of related topics to nurture the values of respecting others and readiness for commitment. As for Project Learning, all junior form students are required to master the skills of project learning in their Liberal Studies lessons. To promote IT for Interactive Learning, all subjects have instilled curriculum management, teaching and assessment via the use of the Google classroom so as to develop in students the habits of using IT for learning.
Teaching & Learning in Information Technology: The school is well-equipped with computer rooms, MMLC and Distance Learning Classroom for the use of I.T. in teaching and learning.
Development of Generic Skills: Being one of the School's major concerns, the School strives to develop generic skills among students via regular lessons, various assignments and assessment methods.
(5) Life Planning Education : Career and life planning, undoubtedly, stands as an important and indispensable implementation of our school. Through a variety of career workshops, site visits, internship and apprenticeship programs, students broaden their horizons, and are able to paint a clearer picture of their future paths. All these have guided them in forming a prospective pathway of their tertiary studies or job selections ahead.
Student Support
(1) Whole School Approach to Catering for Learner Diversity : The school has long been cultivating a caring campus for our students. A whole school approach to discipline and guidance is being implemented. We adopt a co-form teacher system in S.3 and S.6 classes so as to give more attention to students. After school support scheme is also in place catering for the learners' differences and broadening their realms of knowledge. In three subjects areas: English, Chinese and Maths, students are placed in teaching groups based on their academic abilities. Besides, for the students with special needs (SEN), we offer extra staff and support services.
(2) Whole School Approach to Integrated Education : Buddhist Wai Yan Memorial College is committed to enhancing an inclusive, love and caring school campus for students with special educational needs, so that they can enjoy various learning activities to cater for their individual differences.
The school has established Student Learning Support Team. They will communicate with all teachers on the study problems of SEN students and consult their expertise on designing supporting measures so as to enhance their understanding of individual learning differences of SEN students and provide support and counselling to the students. Besides, the school will also release information regarding inclusive education in the school on regular basis to share ideas and pedagogy with teachers. Talks and seminars will be organized to enrich teachers’ perspectives in inclusive education, at the same time, teachers are encouraged to take part in training programmes and seminars organized by the Education Bureau on catering learner diversity to optimize their professionalism in the designated area.
The school adopts a variety of learning modules to support the SEN students and different training programmes to cater for their individual needs. Recently, the school has applied for the Learning Support Grant to purchase programmes from service providers such as speech therapy to serve SEN students with speech difficulties.
The school treasures communication with parents, Student Learning Support Team is an innovation designed to facilitate regular communication between the two parties.
(4) Measures to provide adaptation for Learning and Assessment : The school adopts both formative and summative assessment systems. Clear guidelines are set for homework and evaluation policies. There are two tests and two examinations a year for S.3; one mock examination for S.6. As for the formative assessment, we adopt the policy that daily marks are incorporated into the yearly mark.
Home-school Co-operation and School Ethos
(1) Home-School Co-operation : The Parent-Teacher Association works closely with the School to promote parental education and parent-school collaboration. The PTA has organized various activities, such as Parents-Children Trips, BBQ, Day Camp and "Vegetarian Dinner" and seminars, to strengthen parental involvement in school and promote the communication between parents and teachers. The school also publishes School Newsletters at regular internals so as to keep parents informed of the latest development of the school. For a number of years the PTA supports reading through the subsidy of Reading Scheme.
(2) School Ethos : Our School ethos is simplicity, embracing discipline with counseling in order to develop in each student the essence of self-discipline and self-respect. In S.3 and S.6, we adopt the co-form teachers system and there is a common moral and civil education lessons and assemblies across each form level. The Self-Corrective Scheme is also in place for students to remedy their poor conducts. Besides, each student is required to take part in one social service. To strengthen student counselling, the School have three school-based social workers. To render extra support, an Educational Psychologist is appointed by the Hong Kong Buddhist Association. The School Star Award Scheme is in place to show our appreciation for students' positive efforts and active participation in various learning activities including areas of academic, ethics, service, participation and competition.
Future Development
(1) School Development Plan : 1. Boost motivation in learning
Participation in school-based support Service, using Google Classroom to implement e-learning, STEM education, extensive reading reward scheme to enhance lesson planning and learning outcome.
2. Cater for diverse learning needs
Implementation of remedial teaching strategies for sustainable professional development and to cater for different learning styles of students.
3. Raise English standard and strengthen the language skills of students
Wai Yan English Café and interclass activities and competitions, English as medium of instrument module learning.
4. Cultivate self-discipline and develop potential among students
WE positivity cultivation camp, post camping activities and counselling, uniform organizations, juggling team, life-wide learning, life planning education, individual life planning, further education consultation, individual or group SEN student training.
5. Strengthen the body and mind of students
Implementation of life education and other meditation schemes, giving away activities, whole school picnic, conducting sex education, health and hygiene education.
6. Development of student potential and life planning
Workplace observation, work experience sharing, exploration of career skills, workplace internship, Life Rider and life planning scheme.
7. Cultivate positivity in sense of value and attitude among students
National education, sister schools exchange programme.
8. Enhancement of school administration and image
Campus TV, Open day, beautify school environment scheme, participation in community service, STEM Carnival, Soccer Training, family visiting, Sports day and community meditation scheme.
(2) Teacher Professional Training and Development : The School Management treasures the value of staff development. There are four CPD days each year in line with the School's development plan and major concerns. Our teaching colleagues are keen to attend seminars, workshops and many other courses offered by various institutions. Through the Shared Lesson Planning Sessions and Peer Lesson Observation, our teaching staff will form good habits of collaboration and mutual support.
Life-wide Learning (including Five Essential Learning Experiences to be provided through Key Learning Areas, Extra-curricular Activities, Co-curricular Activities, etc.) : The extra-curricular activities constitute an integral part of the formal school curriculum. Through the ECA lessons, we offer more than 10 learning activities and courses, such as English Drama training class, Long-distance running class, Guitar class and Bridge class. In addition, our school also sets up 4 uniformed groups, such as Red Cross, Auxiliary Medical Services, Hong Kong Army Cadets Association and Scout. Through participating in various uniformed groups, it is believed that students could be equipped with confidence, responsibility, self-discipline and spirit of service. At the same time, it is hoped that their leadership skills could be trained up so that students prepared to become the future leader. In addition, our senior form students are trained to organize inter-house competitions so as to enhance students leadership ability and generic skills. To meet the requirements of the New Senior Secondary (NSS) curriculum, our school offers Arts related activities to senior students aiming at promoting students artistic talent.
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Direct public transportation to School : Ferry.
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