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A Message from CHSC Chairman

December 2022

Dear Parents,

      I am pleased to announce the release of the Secondary School Profiles (SSP) 2022/2023. In addition to printed copies, an electronic version is also available online ( for parents’ easy access to school information.

      The SSP is a comprehensive guide to more than 400 local secondary schools, covering basic information about teaching staff, class structure, school facilities, curriculum framework, student support as well as learning and teaching plan such as language policy. You will have a better grasp of the schools’ educational philosophy, curriculum characteristics, development direction and so forth, which by then enables you to choose the right school for your children based on their attributes, personalities, abilities and interests. Apart from reading the SSP, you may attend talks or activities on primary-to-secondary transition organised by the Education Bureau or individual schools to learn more about the schools’ admission mechanism, vision and characteristics. Furthermore, you may visit school websites or seek professional advice from experts, principals and teachers to obtain the required information.

      Secondary schooling marks another milestone in children’s development. With the beginning of secondary school years comes a whole lot of changes, coupled with various challenges in learning and personal growth. For children, family is the first haven and parents are their first confidants. As parents, you are advised to make time for your children every day and lend an attentive ear to their feelings and needs. Your timely care, forbearing guidance and unwavering support mean the most to them as they grow up. When children encounter difficulties, setbacks or failures, it is vital for parents to stay positive and optimistic. Be there for them and offer the right kind of assistance to help them overcome obstacles. By doing so, you will be ushering your children into a bright future.

      As your children move on to secondary education, you are encouraged to maintain close contact with the school and engage yourselves in the activities organised by the school and its parent-teacher association. This will give you insight into your children’s learning at school, and forge a home-school partnership by strengthening your connection with the school, teachers and other parents. In the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic, children’s everyday life and learning are affected. What parents can do is to pay more attention to the learning, behaviour and emotion of their children, strengthen communication and co-operation with the school, arrange activities that contribute to children’s physical and mental well-being, and encourage them to remain positive and optimistic in face of challenges. It is our common goal to create, through effective home-school co-operation, a joyous and harmonious environment for our children to learn and thrive.

       In closing, I would like to extend my best wishes to you and your family. May I also wish your children good health and happiness throughout their journey of growth.

Eugene FONG Yick-jin
Chairman of the Committee on Home-School Co-operation