SSP 2023/2024
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Message from CHSC Chairman

December 2023

Dear Parents,

      I am delighted to present the Secondary School Profiles (SSP) 2023/2024. Alongside the printed version, an online edition is available ( for your easy access to school information.

      The SSP is a comprehensive guide that covers essential details of over 400 local secondary schools. It includes information on teaching staff, class structure, school facilities, subjects offered, student support, as well as learning and teaching plans such as language policy. To choose the right school for children, it is important for parents to communicate with their children and find out more about their personalities, abilities, interests and aspirations, and to consider factors such as the educational philosophy, subjects offered and the direction in school development of the school. Apart from making reference to the SSP, parents may also attend secondary school talks or activities where they can learn about schools’ admission mechanism, vision, characteristics, and seek professional advice from principals and teachers. Furthermore, parents may attend talks on primary-to-secondary transition organised by the Education Bureau to gain a better understanding of the Secondary School Places Allocation System.

      As children transit to secondary school, they will encounter a lot of changes, and face various academic and developmental challenges. The family serves as a crucial pillar of emotional support for children, and good family relationships are beneficial to their character building, personal growth and social development. I recommend all parents to make time for their children, talk with them every day and listen attentively to their needs and feelings. Your timely care, patient guidance and unwavering support are especially important when they encounter difficulties, setbacks, or even failures. It is particularly important for parents to maintain a positive and optimistic mindset, providing support and companionship to their children, so that they understand they are not alone on their journey of growth. I firmly believe that if parents can walk hand in hand with their children to ride on challenges, they will leave beautiful footprints on their children's path of growth.

      I encourage parents to maintain close communication with the school after their children enter secondary school, and to make time to participate in activities organised by the school and parent-teacher association. Through these means, parents can understand more about their children’s school life, strengthen their connections with the school, teachers and other parents, and foster a culture of home-school collaboration. I hope that through effective home-school co-operation, we can promote the growth of children in a harmonious and joyful learning environment.

       Lastly, I would like to extend my best wishes to you and your family, and may every child grow up healthily and happily.

Chairman of the Committee on Home-School Co-operation
Eugene FONG Yick-jin