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EDB, CHSC and RTHK5 co-produced a Chinese weekly educational radio programme called 'Educated Families' (家家有教) to promote Home-school Cooperation between 2004 and 2012. Educational issues and policies etc. were discussed and analysed at the Programme. Detail
Date Item
10.02.2005   Chinese New Year Greetings from the Chairman of the CHSC
03.02.2005   How to have a better communication with your children
20.01.2005   Multi-disciplinary learning ability of Hong Kong students as reported in the Programme for Internati
13.01.2005   Strategy on applying for a Primary One placement
30.12.2004   How do parents formulate an education financial plan for their children
23.12.2004   How to deal with your child's indulgence in computer games and the Internet
16.12.2004   How to learn English better
09.12.2004   How to improve primary students' Chinese and English reading ability
25.11.2004   Patriotism education begins at childhood
18.11.2004   How to use the results obtained from the Territory-wide System Assessment of Chinese, English & Math
11.11.2004   School-based Professional Support Services
04.11.2004   The New Academic Structure for Senior Secondary Education (3) --- Views from parents and employers
28.10.2004   The New Academic Structure for Senior Secondary Education (2)--- Exam. Assessment
21.10.2004   The New Academic Structure for Senior Secondary Education (1) --- New Curriculum
14.10.2004   Application for enrolment at Parents' Learning Institute
07.10.2004   How to help my child to choose an appropriate course in the JUPAS
30.09.2004   Integrated Education
23.09.2004   Intellectual Family Campaign - Parent/Child Volunteering Scheme
16.09.2004   How to improve children's problem-solving and creative abilities
09.09.2004   It is not easy to select a good primary school for a Kindergarten graduate