"We Did It ! – Parent-child volunteering" Award Scheme 2019/20 (For primary school students and their parents)

"We Did It! – Parent-child volunteering" Award Scheme (hereafter the "Scheme") is a programme organised by the Committee on Home-School Co-operation (CHSC) and fully supported by Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

The Scheme this year aims to award students and parents who have actively participated in volunteer services together, including those organised by schools or other organisations. Meanwhile, to support the promotion of positive parent education by the Education Bureau, we hope to encourage parents through the Scheme to convey the spirit of love and care for others, and actively show love and care to different social groups along with their children with a happy and positive attitude. Through the participation in volunteer services together, parents could help their children build up positive values and attitudes, encourage them to care for others, and develop their civic responsibility and the virtue of serving others, thus promoting their whole-person development. It also creates more chances for parents and children to communicate with each other and get to know each other's strengths and characters, as well as enjoyable quality moments to spend with each other and grow up together.

Participating schools may nominate up to a maximum of 20 pairs of students and parents on school-based principle for the award of Commendation Certificates and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort tickets. To facilitate the printing of Commendation Certificates for student and parent awardees by the CHSC Secretariat, participating schools should submit relevant information between 2 January 2020 and 22 May 2020 via this system.

The system is no longer in service now. For enquiries, please contact the CHSC Secretariat at 3698 4338.