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PTA Executive Committee Member Training Programme (2021/22 School Year)
In order to help serving and designated PTA executive committee members better understand the operations of PTA, the Committee on Home-School Co-operation organised the PTA Executive Committee Member Training Programme in the following days.
You are welcome to download the PowerPoint presentations of the training programme for your own reference.
*The contents of the documents below should not be reproduced in whole or part without consent of the information provider(s).


  Date Theme PowerPoint Files (Chinese only)
Session 1 5 November 2021 PTA Functions & Operation,
Planning & Organisation of PTA Activities (I)
1.1 PTA Functions & Operation
1.2 Parent Education Website: Smart Parent Net
1.3 Activity Planning & Resources (Secondary Sharing)
Session 2 19 November 2021 Planning & Organisation of PTA Activities (II) 2.1 Activity Planning & Resources (Primary Sharing) 
2.2 Activity Planning & Resources (Risk Management)
Session 3 26 November 2021 Finance Issues of PTA  3.1 Home-School Co-operation Grants
3.2 Prevention of Corruption for Purchasing Goods & Hiring Services
3.3 Financial Management
Session 4 2 December 2021 Team Building of PTA 4.1 Enhancement of School's Complaint Management Arrangements
4.2 Home-School Co-operation ‧ Creating a Win-win Situation Together
4.3 Publicity and Recruitment of Members & Co-ordination Skills and Team Building
Session 5 10 December 2021 PTA and Parent Managers  5.1 Understanding on IMC, Roles of Parent Managers & Election
5.2 Quiz on Understanding of IMC